A little Garnish makes all the difference

I cannot for the life of me remember if I already posted on this....I am pretty sure I didn't but even if I did these products are so great for entertaining it is worth repeating. The company, Garnish, takes typical packaging but gives you great ideas on how to make it "yours." After viewing you will really want to host a party.

I am including some of my favorite ideas and the comments below them are from the Garnish website. Look how helpful!

• We love the frankly my dear small white gable box.
• Flowers are beautifully displayed in our no soup for you containers.
• Tie some pretty ribbon on top and spell out each guest’s name using scrapbook stickers or rub-on letters. Please keep in mind, stickers work better than markers on the white semi-gloss boxes.

Simple gift packaging shines here. What could be easier than playing your (or your baker’s) delicious cookies inside one our little white boxes?

• Line with some wrap it up tissue and enclose it all with Garnish’s in the knick of twine in a color that suits your mood. Curious about how much twine you’ll need? We used 56” for the white box shown in the pictures.

This is an idea you will find yourself using over and over.

• Dress up Garnish’s wine box to fit the occasion or your mood.
• Create a wedding gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. Choose several bottles of wine to be opened on the couple's first, fifth, and 10th anniversary (or as many as you choose!) Use our kraft paper sheets to create a paper sleeve for the bottle with a personal message. We used letter stickers found in the scrapbook section of the craft store to garnish our boxes.
• A flavorful European fruit soda placed inside the wine box makes a lovely hostess gift.
• Wine tastings are a hot trend. Disguise the bottles with some kraft paper and send your guests home with a bottle from the evening packaged in a box.
• Make a label using our stick 'em up labels.
• If the bottle is from a group of people, consider having everyone sign the box itself.

You will never look at a "box of wine" the same way again!


  1. Hi Katie...thanks for the shout out! We're always forgetting about what we've already posted about too. I'd like to think it's because our brains are working so quickly and brimming with creativity and knowledge... not that we're completely losing it!

    Garnish + Enjoy,

    - Suzanne @ Garnish


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