World's Greatest Aunt x 2

So, as you all know, my sister is about 4 months pregnant! But, she told me that she was expecting in a really cute way.

The day before and the day of Valentine's Day she kept telling me she had me a Valentine's gift. I thought that was really sweet considering we don't traditionally exchange gifts.

So, she gets to my house and has me a little bag of candy and a vase of daisies (I have since added the fake flowers).

The vase says "Aunts are Angels that get you through life." Still...thought nothing of it, since I am little Max's aunt. So, I was like, Thanks, Al, that was sweet. She kind of looked at me -- like are you getting it? And, I clearly wasn't, as I was like - I get it. I am Max's aunt.
Then, she was like well....and to me too. Seriously, I about died. I had NO clue. It was one of the funnest surprises ever. The funny thing is I think it took me about 3 minutes before it even dawned on me to say congratulations. I was just that shocked. I am sure the look on my face was priceless.
Allison had told us first because she was going to dinner at my mom's for dinner and was over by our house. Tommy was so funny. He was the one who said we HAD to go see my mom's reaction. So, we all went to my mom's to tell her.
Allison gave my mom a bib that said "Grandma's little love bug." My mom's jaw about dropped but then was like - which one of you? Talking about Allison and I.
We are all super excited! I cannot wait to spoil another baby!!! It is going to be the funnest.
Below is Allison at 4 months, isn't she cute??!
Now, we just need to find out what Baby is. I am thinking pink!


  1. You are very sweet and this baby is VERY lucky to have it's aunt as the World's Greatest Aunt. I just can't wait to take that title away from you when you finally make me an aunt one day! That will be so fun!!! I know it will have many shirts made in honor of its favorite aunt. Love you! Allison

  2. That is a really cute story, Katie. You two girls are so sweet to each other . . . your dad would be very proud!!! Love, Aunt Angie

  3. What a lucky little baby to have Katie as his or her favorite aunt and Allison as his or her mommy! And of course, cousins like Dwayne & Jennifer in Shreveport (hee hee couldn't resist a shameless plug for ourselves ha ha ha!)
    Had so much fun catching up with everyone this weekend - so glad you guys made the time to come down and hang out! We love you all and can't wait til the next get together!

  4. ahh love this post and loved it when allison told me about u not getting it at first.. makes the story even more special:) so fun aunt katie;)

  5. Hooray for Aunt Katie!!! That is such a cute story :) I love it!!

    Emily B


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