Sorry my blog is getting beyond boring. Welcome to my world. : ). Today was Max's puppy party. It was a huge success and turned out really cute. Granted, it was for a 1-year old, so anything would be considered a success.

Unfortunately, I had to take my ghetto camera into the Geek Squad for about the 100th time. Supposedly this time they have recommended it get "junked" and replaced. So, fingers crossed.

But, on the upside, I borrowed Kristen's camera at the party and did not miss a single detail, so she is going to email them to me this week. Because I know you are all dying.

Also, I will work on getting my sister over here to take some pics so I can tell you all about the cute way she told me I would be an aunt again. I am just so dying! I love being an aunt. And, it will give me an excuse to wear my world's greatest aunt shirt over and over again. I am thinking baby is a girl. We will know for sure, though, in about 5 weeks!!! So far I am 3 for 3 on my guesses, so hopefully I will be 4/4. But, a boy would be great too! I do just love my little Max (and Carter and Pudge).

Okay that's all I got.


  1. Not sure if this counts, but you thought we would have a boy too...and we are! Can't wait to see the pics!


  2. yeah for being an aunt again:) Yeah for baby c:) My mom thinks al is having a girl too.. I think so tooo.. My Cate needs a bff:) But she can have a boy bff too:)


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