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So, it is 9:55 on a Friday night and I am so lame. However, I must admit I love it. I love being at home. I love being in pajamas. I live for lounging. Tommy and I took the dogs on a walk tonight and we were talking about that 10 years ago we never would have been this lame. I would have been a sophomore in college and we would have been wrapping up the end of the year with a date party or some kind of party. Oh, how times have changed. But, I digress....

Instead I had a much different kind of fun that consisted of eating dinner at home, catching up on TV, checking out my blogs and since I am world's greatest aunt it got me looking at baby things! And, I hadn't perused Etsy in forever, so I totally got sucked in.

If Allison's baby is a boy, he MUST get this from VeryKiki:

Hooo (I couldn't resist) wouldn't want to put this on a little girl?!

Now, is this not precious for a little girl's hair??? From Emma Lee's Boutique:

I mean even diaper wipe covers are cute! This is from Luca Bella Designs:

And tutu butt is just so darn precious!!! These are from TuTee's:
Okay, I must stop. I have gotten sucked in. Tomorrow I am super excited because Allison and I are going shopping for baby! 4 weeks from today my spending spree can officially begin. It is so hard to buy when you don't know the sex! But, maybe tomorrow I will find some gender neutral items. I will keep you guys posted if we find some awesome stuff! XOXO!


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