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Since I take my world's greatest aunt title VERY seriously, I am asking for you guys' help! My darling sister is 'with child' and is looking for a new crib. Any ideas on where to get a good one not at boutique prices? She is specifically looking for one that doesn't have the higher back (mainly for convertible beds) and is an espresso stain. Her faves are:

From Land of Nod:
From Restoration Hardware:
I guess I have never been in the market for a crib, but dang, they are expensive! Wow! Those marketers are smart...they know you want your baby to sleep well!


  1. Congrats to you Aunt Katie (we had heard the rumors but have not had a chance to congratulate Ms. Allison & Mr. Kyle yet, so please pass along our excited "yippees" to them!)
    we have been very pleased with our Pottery Barn has lasted thru 2 kids, and the up/down mechanism on the side the moves is fairly easy to do one-handed (important, as you may be carrying a sleeping baby in the other arm!) and relatively quiet when you put it back up! Also, for most of their cribs they now make a "conversion kit" to a toddler bed if you so desired. We have the "Dana", which is a more moderate PB style, but so far has been worth the extra investment. I recently priced cribs for a "second" one to put in the Houston corporate apartment since we'll be living there this summer, and I wanted "cheap". About the best I've found to date is a Jenny Lind style from Graco at Babies R Us, about $129. However, would not want this for my everyday crib...leaves much to be desired! If she wants to "splurge", go to Restoration hardware Baby's new makes you drool. Can't wait to see you guys in person on Saturday! love, Jennifer

  2. Hi Kate! So exciting you are going to have another little one to spoil. I saw on JCP several cute espresso cribs whithout the high back. They seem to be somewhat reasonable but I wouldnt have the first clue as to what would be reasonable! ;)

  3. I got our's at Crib City ages ago and was very pleased with the look for WAY less than boutique prices. It was convertible, but we never ended up converting. I was glad we didn't spend a ton of money on it. Congrats!!

    Steph W.


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