A reason to celebrate!

This weekend we travelled to Louisiana for PawPaw's (my dad's dad) 95th birthday party. Pretty impressive to live that long and have done so much good for others. My uncle put it nicely when he said that in life we encounter so many people who do things to you. But, with PawPaw, he always does things for you.

My Aunt Angie planned a very nice party at Ralph and Kacoo's in Shreveport. The place was great and so accommodating. A perfect space for over 50 people -- and that was just family.

Look at our little Mardi Gras king! Aunt Angie gave all of us this picture, which is already in a frame in our house.
Aunt Angie also had all of the family members bring pictures of Paw Paw over the years.
This is a picture of PawPaw standing in front of the billboard ad he was on, advertising the Shreveport Times.
A young family picture of PawPaw and Mimi with Aunt Angie and Uncle Vincent...there were still three more kids after this!
PawPaw as a little boy here. He is the ring bearer on the left.

And, it was so fun to see all of my cousins' little ones! They are all so precious! Here is Baby Addison. If she was any cuter I might die. Look at those blue eyes and that brown hair!!! I didn't get a picture of all the cousins, including her darling brother! But, he is just as cute!
My mom and new baby Gavin. I think he was the youngest one there.
My Aunt Angie and her beautiful family. Aren't her grandchildren precious?
I think Grant might have been a little more interested in the cake.
His little brother, Garrett. He is just too cute!

It was so fun to get together and celebrate!


  1. Your Paw Paw is so cute :-) I'm glad you all were able to help him celebrate such a milestone birthday!

  2. You did such a great job on this post, Katie . . . as you always do. Thanks for taking such great pictures and sharing this celebration with all your loyal readers. Love, Aunt Angie

  3. Thanks! You are so sweet! Cute pic of Addison...thanks for the FB comments on her b-day too. I promise pics will follow soon. Her "official" party celebration will be next weekend, of course, on the DeFatta Party Deck (ha ha)! Love you guys!


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