The moment you have all been waiting for!

Max already has quite a little fan club! I have been fielding lots of questions about when I would post pics from Max's first birthday. Poor Kristen is in the middle of a move, but since she has a mini-celeb baby she helped me out by sending pics!

This is our little Top Dog making his birthday party debut. Is he not precious? He had just woken up from a nap to about 30 people taking his picture. He does not get ANY attention.

Here is the table decor:

The puppy chow was a huge hit.

Tommy's cousin, Sophie made this cake. It turned out really cute. She is a natural artist!

This was little Max's cake. He just wasn't that into it. He didn't even try it. He wanted carrots. These are the "doggy bag" favors. They are filled with M&Ms in the party's colors.

How cute is this cheese? Kristen used a cookie cutter to cut them into bone shapes.

Max loved the chair Aunt Katie and Uncle Tommy gave him! It was so funny, he just knew it was for him!

Here is the debut of the World's Greatest Aunt t-shirt. I am in direct competition with Tommy's other sister, Tori. If you wonder what she looks like, she is the one staring at us in the picture. See, I told you we were in competition. She has her eye on me.

And, this isn't from Max's birthday party, but look at what a little boy he is becoming!!! He loves his little hat!

Hope you enjoy! There are so many pictures but I think I highlighted everything! I want to do kid's birthday parties now. Your client's would always be happy.


  1. Love Love Love it!! The cake is darling and the cheese is so cute!! Max looked so sweet! Love the t-shirt too!

  2. sweet max! loved the puppy theme!!

    also...thank you for updating the blogs on the are a good listener katie!!! kels

  3. That Max is so cute!Your t-shirt is really going to get lots of wear! love you! Al

  4. That turned out so well!! You could totally plan amazing kid parties :)

    Em B

  5. I love everything!! So cute! Max is such a cutie :)


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