Up to no good...

In the past 24-hours my precious Pudge has escaped our yard by climbing the fence, perching on it jumping over it and escaping. He then proceeded to run around the neighborhood, rolling in other dogs' business to mark himself (Why? Why? Why must he do this????) requiring his parents to give him his 8th bath in a matter of weeks. Then, today he maimed a small innocent rabbit. Maimed it...didn't kill it. My husband had to go ask our neighbor to take care of it because he couldn't bear the thought of the poor bunny suffering but Tommy couldn't be the one to put him out of his misery. (We are such wusses.)
I am honestly considering moving. Pudge can scale our fence. I cannot deal. He is 7 and has lived in this house for 6 years. What would make him start this now? We are good owners. Give him everything he could ever want. Including Beneful. I think it is sign we need a new home. Don't you think???


  1. I think so!! Move SOUTH! :)
    Poor rabbit. However, they are rodents..

  2. might be a sign Katie!! i can help with this problem! :)

  3. I definitely think you should move, preferably south. Just make sure you have a tall fence. mom


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