Tulsa's Cutest Cat Contest

Megan's cat, Tavia, has made it into Tulsa's cutest cat contest. Here is Megan's plea for votes. And, if you guys voted for Tulsa's Most Beautiful Baby (Baby Max!!), you are already signed up online!

As you all know we have the cutest cat in Tulsa! Just kidding! Many of you also have cute cats :-) but, we did enter Tavia into the cutest pet contest Channel 8 is having. You can vote for her online at the following link: http://cfc.ktul.com/voting/vote.cfm?voteid=27

Unfortunately I think you do have to register which stinks so we totally understand if you don't want to do that but if you don't mind...Tavia would love your vote (and so would we, the winner receives a $100 gift certificate to our vet)! She is located on the 2nd row, far right, playing with her favorite toy. There is some tough competition, especially the gray cat that is smiling (who does he think he is?) so every vote counts.

A special note to Tavia's grandparents: You can vote once per hour :-)


  1. Thanks for posting Tavia on your blog! If she wins, it will just confirm what we already know :-) JK!

  2. I voted for Banker Cat! UR Loan is not approved!


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