Food Art

I love food art. Love it. I have always loved it and probably have never really seen it in real-life, except for on our cruise. But, as world's greatest aunt, it is my mission to have my little nieces and nephews experience food art from a young age.

Oddly, as I am not a parent myself, I somehow get a subscription to Parents magazine. (When you buy $20 more of product at Inchbug you receive a subscription for free.) Anyway, since I have it and just there anyway, I was flipping through the magazine and they had some cute, cute ideas for playing with food and making it fun for kids. So, I thought I would look online and see what else I could find.

You guys, I must do this! It is so cute! I have no idea what I would ever serve this for but it would be really fun!

Penguins made out of olives:

Penguins, olives and carrots. Could there be a cuter way to eat your veggies? I got this idea from Jars of Cute (such a cute blog!) who got it from Once Upon a Plate.

Cauliflower sheep. Those are olives, black eyed peas and I will need to more research on the legs...
What kid wouldn't want to eat these super happy stuffed tomatoes?
A very stoic broccoli lion.

Some of these look a little complicated...I am sure I could do this, though.

And, I love a little kitty pizza! I could definitely do that!


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