Menu Monday

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I promise I have still been eating. Just not with a plan. Here’s what we have going on this week:


Cauliflower Crust pizza. Recipe and Photo via Recipe Girl.

I made this a few months ago and I loved it. I made several modifications (read about them here), but it was definitely a good way to incorporate more vegetables and less carbs.


Spicy Turkey & Hatch Quiche and Salad. Another favorite around here is Elefantita’s Alegres’ Spicy Quiche. I have made it before several times and we love it each time. It also reheats great for leftovers.

My modifications is that I don’t have hatch chilis, so I use chopped green chilis. Also, I used ground chicken instead of turkey.


Chicken Meatballs and Cauliflower

I have made both of these recipes before and they are both great!


Melt in your Mouth Chicken and Pioneer Woman’s Spicy Stuffed Mushrooms


These are both new recipes for me, so I am excited to try them. They both look delicious and the chicken looks super easy. I will keep you posted.


Roasted shrimp and broccoli

I have made this before. It is definitely okay. Not my favorite, but not bad at all. Figured we should throw another protein in this week.

Look forward to seeing what you guys are cooking!


  1. I definitely want to know how the Melt in Your Mouth Chicken turns out. I've been meaning to try it out but I think I'll wait until you take a crack at it first. ;)

  2. You are making some amazing things. I feel so lazy with my meals after seeing your cooking. :) Everything looks incredible!

  3. I agree with Tricia!! I feel so boring and lame with my meal preparation, and you make it sound pretty easy. When will I ever get with your menu planning?
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. Love that last pic, and I'm not even a fan of shrimp.
    Check out our menu for the week:


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