A little early?

On Monday I celebrated my half birthday. I was the only who celebrated. I am also the only one who noticed. My nephew has his real birthday that day, so it totally overshadows my half birthday. (Please know I am kidding.)

Anyway, that got me thinking. I have a few items already on my birthday list that I thought I would share.

1- Clairisonic Mia – Let’s be honest, I would never buy this for myself. It is a $120 “wash rag.”  But I tried this in the store the other day (on my hand, not my face – that would be gross) and it really did feel amazing. I could just imagine how radiant my skin would look after the gentle brushing. The only thing is that I have really sensitive skin on my face. Anyone have one?

2- An Erin Condren iPhone cover. My iPhone cover couldn’t be any more boring – all black. I would love a cute, fun one, but can’t bear to spend $60 on a cover. (Are you detecting a theme here?) Let me know if you guys come across another groupon/living social/etc. type deal and I am so on this.

3- A pizza baking stone. Now, this one I could buy for myself, but I NEVER remember when I go to the store. Maybe I will now? I recently got onto the leftover bandwagon (especially now that I am cooking more) and I love for some of my reheated things to be really crispy (assuming they are supposed to be crispy) and I think a baking stone would be great!


Your thirty-two AND a half year old friend


  1. I think you would love having a baking stone. I bought several when Karen was a Pampered Chef rep, and I use mine at least several times a week for something!

    I think I see a trend that you like chevron designs.

    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I want the Clairisonic and that phone cover too! I have heard awesome things about the Clairisonic, I just feel too cheap to spend that without testing it first! And that cover... I just want it! :-)

  3. I'm very intrigued by those mechanical face washers... But I still can't be trusted to wash my face every night (gross, I know) so there's no way I can justify getting one. Let us know if you end up with one in 6 months!! :) guess I'll go wash my face now ;)

  4. I celebrate mine and some friends 1/2 birthdays every year! usually by eating cupcakes (kinda like a half cake). My momcelebrate with me and my siblings growing up so I've counterpoints the tradition. More props to you & your 1/2 birthday wishes!!!

  5. Yes, I have the Clarisonic and love it!!!!! Makes your face feel so soft and the scrubbing is very gentle!!! GET ONE!!

  6. I really wanted the Clarisonic too, but way too much $. I bought the Olay version and decided if I actually stick with it, maybe I can upgrade. In the meantime, I still have a spinny brush that makes my skin super soft.

  7. I want one of those clarisonic things too. I wonder if they really make a difference on your skin? If you get one, you have to do a review!


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