Bumpdates Weeks 10 - 16

I couldn’t decide if I was going to do bumpdates or not, but I decided I would love to look back and see what I looked like, how I was feeling, what I was craving, etc. Besides, I have blog stalked other people to see what they were up to during the same week. And, really, what else am I here for except to help my fellow readers?

I have been taking pics since week 10…they have gotten progressively “better” in the sense that I now have Tommy taking them and you can see my face. I wouldn’t say this is Tommy’s favorite task, so you can rest assured that this will never be a blog of photos of just me.







I am stealing Lindsey’s bumpdate questionnaire and may add a few more questions. This is going to be a recap up until this point. (Thanks for humoring me.)

How Far Along: 16 weeks

So far I have been very, very lucky to not feel sick or too tired. My sister was the exact same way, so I am very grateful.

Total Weight Gain: I honestly don’t know. Between my 13 week and 15 week appointment, I was up a .5 pound. If I were to guess, I would say 2-3 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: None. I am wondering if I can get away with not buying any and only buying dresses. Ha! I am sure this will be hysterical to look back on in about 16 more weeks :).

Gender: We find out in a few weeks. I have NO clue. My first thought was boy when we saw the ultrasound for the first time. The heart rate has been really fast, so then I thought girl. (The ultrasound tech claims this is a wives tale, which I am sure she is right.) So, I really do not know. Tommy thinks a girl.

Movement: I was in bed yesterday watching TV and all of a sudden my whole stomach moved to the right. I will be honest, it scared the heck out of me. I stood up and then realized that it must have been the baby. Ha! I laid back down and couldn’t feel anything, but could see my entire stomach moving. Such a fun feeling. I could have stared at it all day!

Sleep: I wake up multiple times a night. It is a good night if I can go back to sleep. I haven’t slept well at all since getting pregnant. Even from day one. I guess my body is prepping me for what’s to come!

Cravings: Salads, salads and more salads. There were a few weeks I could have kept Pei Wei in business because I HAD to have their chopped chicken salad. I have also craved sweet potato fries and I am not sure this is a craving or if I just really like them, but I ♥ salt and vinegar chips. I have also been “meh” on veggies (don’t worry, I still eat them), but love to eat fruit.

Other crazy symptoms: My biggest “symptom” this whole pregnancy has been extreme irritability. Like extreme. I am typically very much even-keeled (my mom might beg to differ – she did know me in high school), but I will tell you there will be days when everything irritates me – even the songs on the radio, so I drive in silence. It is actually comical. Then, the next day, I will be back to normal.

I have to tell you, though, Tommy has been so great and understanding with my moods. I probably wouldn’t be nearly as nice if roles were reversed. I am very lucky.

What I am looking forward to: Babywise, I am looking forward to finding out the gender, feeling the baby move, and starting to work on the nursery!

Personally, we have a busy week and have some fun things coming up! We are going to the Thunder game, Tommy turns thirty-two and we are planning our summer vacation to Florida where we got married!

Best Moment this week: Seeing the baby at my ultrasound last week and seeing the baby move (I think – I am just going to go with it)!

So, what do you guys think – pink or blue???


  1. You look amazing! I was the same way...wanted salads or fruit!! I am totally thinking Girl but I am terrible at guessing! Oh, and I will totally try not to leave jealous comments on these bumpdates when I see how tiny you are ;0)


  2. Umm I missed it that you are pregnant!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  3. ahh, so many things ran through my head on this post that I have to number them to keep it all straight.
    1. Congrats! (again)
    2. Reading this brought back so many memories of being pregnant with Tully. I think I might need another baby ASAP.
    3. You are the cutest little thing with that teeny bump that is barely showing at 16 weeks.
    4. I think you are totally going to look back and LOL at your thoughts on not buying maternity clothes. It is amazing how much our bellies can stretch. You might be able to get by with some extra long tops (Target has some great tanks) for a good part of the pregnancy, but I will be shocked if you bypass maternity clothes completely. Keep us updated!
    5. I think it's a girl. Finley and Tatum probably have their fingers crossed for a cousin to play dress-up with too.
    6. Be sure to take videos of that baby belly movement! I just looked back on a couple iPhone vids I took of Tully, and they are SO neat to watch!
    7. I heart salt and vinegar chips. I found a 40% less fat bag today. Did you tell me about those? I hope they are good.
    8. Irritability is my middle name. I SO feel your pain. Super-supportive hubbies are the best medicine for this :)

    Can't wait for more bumpdates!

  4. Ok...did I miss the post where you announced you were pregnant?!?

    OH. MY. GOSH. yay!!!!!

    So happy for you and glad you are feeling great. Can't wait to hear what you are having. Enjoy!!

  5. Wait wait wait wait WAIT....HOW did I miss that you are pregnant?! I feel like THE worst friend everrrr!! I am SO excited for you friend!!! I'm so sorry for the delayed congrats...I've been on a major blog reading break as well as barely checking in on twitter, so I guess I just missed it. But I am thrilled for you and can't wait to follow along your pregnancy!! I'm thinking blue. :)

  6. You're too cute! And I personally love the bumpdates, so I'm glad you're doing them :) That's great that you have been feeling well! I wish that I thought you were having a boy, but I'm thinking girl :)

  7. I'm glad you are going to do these! Dresses are definitely the way to go. Anything to avoid jeans. I'm so uncomfortable in maternity jeans.

  8. I LOVE your bumpdate! I really need to get on the ball to do mine! ;-)
    I am so happy to hear that you are feeling well!! I am going for Team Pink!!!

  9. You look awesome! I'm going to guess girl, based on your cravings:)

  10. I love this post!!! I love your beautiful photos and your sweet comments!! You are just so cute!! I'm thinking a little boy!!
    Love you, Aunt Angie

  11. You are such a doll, Katie!! Love that you are doing these!! I can't wait to hear what he/she is!! I am thinking blue!


  12. So glad you decided on the bumpdates. I love looking back at stories and pictures from when I was prego with Had!
    I know they always say that a mother's intuition is always right with the sex, however, I would have bet you a million $$ that I was having a boy! Imagine my surprise! Ha! :)

  13. I love that you are doing bumpdates... I've never had a baby so I find them very informative! See, you ARE educating your readers! You look so wonderful and I'm so glad you haven't been sick at all!! I'm so excited for you!

  14. I love that you are doing bumpdates... I've never had a baby so I find them very informative! See, you ARE educating your readers! You look so wonderful and I'm so glad you haven't been sick at all!! I'm so excited for you!

  15. I can't believe you are already 16 weeks! That is a long time to keep a secret! I couldn't wait to share! I am thinking girl for you!

  16. Yay! I love the bumpdates! I'm also a total stalker in this respect.. especially when preggo! Love the Red Stamp (or whatever it's called) pics! Too cute. I totally think you could go without maternity clothes! Well, you might want some pants or jeans, but maybe not, since it will soon be god awful hot. Dresses are the way to go. I still can't decide what I think you're having.. I'll let you know. :)
    OH- and the irritability?.. doesn't necessarily go away. At least in my experience! Sometimes I want to throw things.. I rarely do, though. HA! Glad Tommy is being so great!

  17. You are pretty much the cutest pregnant woman I've ever seen! And you BETTER do weekly posts. Those are my faves! :)

  18. Oh yeah! And that is totally how I felt/saw Evie move for the first time, too! So bizarre and awesome to see your stomach actually move. Crazy!

  19. Oh yeah! And that is totally how I felt/saw Evie move for the first time, too! So bizarre and awesome to see your stomach actually move. Crazy!

  20. You are so tiny! Love the bumpdates! My first thought was girl but I'm hoping for a boy. No real reason - I've just enjoyed my little guy. :)

  21. You are still so tiny, but look fabulous. I'm gonna say a girl! Can't wait to hear once you know. :)

  22. You look so great! I have the irritability thing some days and I'm not even pregnant :) I'm gonna go on the record and say blue!

  23. You look so great, Katie! I'm pretty sure you and I must be due like the very same week! Just one thing...please don't stand directly next to me in public with all of your adorable tininess. Pretty sure you will do just fine without lots maternity clothes. AND, such a lucky girl with no sickness or tiredness! I'm already jealous :). So excited for you guys!

  24. You are so tiny! Can't even tell you are pregnant. I'm voting Team Blue :)

  25. You are too stinkin cute! I can't even see the BUMP but I'll trust that it's there. I tried to congratulate you on your initial post but I'm not sure it actually posted so if not, CONGRATS!!!

  26. Ha love your tiny bump!! But honestly I can't see it - mine is huge. Baby three jumped out fast! You look great. Can't wait to hear what you are having. Love, Ann

  27. Looking good mama! I think pink :) And I totally loved watching & feeling Berk move. There's nothing like it! I wear a long keychain name tag getup, totally cool--I know, at work & lived seeing it bounce around. So so so excited for you & Tommy!

  28. Totally thinking blue!!!
    You are so stinking little so to fatten you up I'm gonna let you in on a little secret... Back yard burger! Best sweet potato fries ever and I love the Hawaiian chicken sandwich.

  29. How did I miss this?!?! OMG! Congrats!!! My sister is due early October too!! YAY!

  30. You look SO cute!! I'm glad you decided to do "bumpdates" :) And I'm thinking girl for some reason it seems to run in your family... haha!

  31. The irritability is totally normal. I swear my hubbie's breathing irritated me. If I remember correctly, the irritability ended around 20 weeks.

  32. Congrats! I remember the first time I saw your blog was when I was looking for ideas for a baby shower. I saw stuff you did for your sister's shower...I have been following ever since. One of my favorite blogs. Can't wait to hear more about this baby on the way!


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