Monday, April 30, 2012

Bumpdate Week 17

One of these days I will actually take a bump picture where I am not wearing gym clothes. Let the record show that today was definitely a “skinny” day because I promise you yesterday baby was showing more! (He or she is still really low.)


How Far Along: 17 weeks

Total Weight Gain: I think the same as last week. I am just going to go with my doctor’s scale, so I have no idea until my next appointment.

Maternity Clothes: None yet. I  bought a few dresses this week when Loft had them for 50% off.

This one was way cuter on in person and was strangely short (which works for me since I am only 5’0”). You guys would have cracked up at me in the dressing room…I made a make-shift belly with my crumpled up shirt to make sure it would still work in a few months. I decided it was too cute to pass up.

And who doesn’t need a versatile black dress?

Gender: I still go back in forth with what I think baby is. Some days I am certain it is a girl, then some I am just sure it is a boy.

Movement: OMG! How in the world did Katie Holmes leave her house when she was pregnant with Suri??? (You know, since she had the ultrasound machine and all.) I am pretty much obsessed with watching my stomach move. I would like to introduce you to the poor man’s ultrasound machine:

bumpdate week 17 004

Yes, that would be my book light. My house is annoyingly dark, so I am pretty much shining it on my stomach all night while I watch tv. Please tell me this is normal. ;)

I can now feel the baby move when I am sitting and laying down. And I can see it move when I shine the light on my stomach. Ha! Last night I saw it move from around my belly button down to where it likes to hang out – over my bladder. I can also see little kicks here and there. Love it!

Sleep: Saturday night I had a full 6.5 hour stretch without waking up. It was glorious.

Cravings: Key Lime Pie. Where in the world did that come from?? And I continue to crave it since I still haven’t come across a piece. I want it to be a really, really good one, too. With lots of graham cracker crust and a cheesecakey key lime center. Is that too specific to be a craving?

Other crazy symptoms: Nothing new.

What I am looking forward to: Learning the gender of the baby and starting to work on the nursery.

Best Moment this week: Love watching the baby move around and being able to really see and feel it!


kkbccguy said...

We used to watch my stomach for hours when the kids would move....not weird a all;). It was a source of entertainment :)

Madison's Mommy said...

Just wait till the baby gets bigger and you can really really see the movement....the booklight will be retired at that point ;0) It makes my heart so happy to read your bumpdates!!

How did I miss the Loft Dress Sale...Boo!


Kimberley said...

you are so cute! can't wait to see you, oh... i dunno, week 39 :) talk about movement, hello!! ;)

i'm gonna say it's a girl!

p.s. would've never guessed you were 5'0"! i would tower over you since i'm 5'2" :P

Aja said...

A skinny week??? No wonder you can see the little bean moving all over the place! You look awesome! :)

LOVE the visual of you in the dressing room, stuffing your dress with a fake bump! HA!

happy_wife said...

You look so adorable!!!! I love watching my "belly" move! (I say it in quotes be cause I am not sure if it is still a belly when it's the size of a small animal.) Although at this point, I am pretty sure I like to watch it move because I am expecting him to come exploding out of my stomach like in the movie Alien.....but with a top hat and cane, singing show tunes.


Anonymous said...

I love these baby bump blogs!!! You look adorable, and those are really cute dresses. I didn't know Jane is pregnant - congratulations, Jane!!!
Love you, Aunt Angie

Sweet Simplicity said...

Cute dresses! When you go to Motherhood Maternity and a Pea in the Pod they have the fake bellies to try on under your clothes. Such a good idea! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Keeping My Cents said...

Congratulations! I haven't read your blog in awhile and am so happy for you. I'm a blog stalker, if you were wondering. So happy for you and it is so exciting to feel the baby move. That was my favorite part. I know you live in Tulsa where I used to live and I used Dr. Trisha Parks and she was FANTASTIC. I'm sure you already have an OBGYN but just wanted to say she is wonderful. I wasn't so hot about my first OBGYN with my first baby and used Dr. Parks with second. So sad she didn't deliver both. Anyhoo. Congrats.

Sarah said...

You look great, Katie! I can't believe you are seeing and feeling the baby so much! This usually doesn't happen for me until about 18-19 weeks. It's weird how everyone is so different!

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