Festival of the Trees

Yesterday Addie, Megan and I went to brunch at the Philbrook Museum and then to the Festival of the Trees, also at the Philbrook.

Don't worry, I had plenty to eat. And I documented it for you all. (I am more of a lunch person than a brunch person, so that is why my plate is full of more hearty lunch type items.)

But dessert was the best. I LOVED the brie (hence the seconds on that) and the bread pudding.
The Festival of the Trees is a fundraiser for the Philbrook where local artists, students and organizations create Christmas trees, artwork and gingerbread houses that are sold to patrons to raise money for the museum.

I LOVE gingerbread houses. I think it is amazing the detail that goes into them...and you also know my affinity for all things miniature.

I thought this was especially neat how they recreated an actual house.

I had to take this picture for my mom. Last year she made something very similar out of her old jewelry.

Now for the trees. I loved this one. Obviously.

And this was hands-down my favorite. It is made entirely of hand blown glass from the students at the Tulsa Glass Blowing Studio. In person it really was stunning.

Kind of hard to see (I never promised I was a good photographer), but this is made of puzzle pieces.

A Lady Gaga tree (of course). I don't know if you can tell if Megan likes it...she is wearing her Poker Face.

This year's Festival was really nice. (Also, if you are looking for a very realistic Santa, the Santa could totally pass as the real deal.) It has gotten a little more sparse in the past few years. I assume because of the economy, but we had a great time.


  1. I LOVE the blown glass Christmas tree!

  2. I love the hand-blown glass tree and the puzzle tree!! I'm still trying to get my trees decorated!! Out of my eight trees the only one that is decorated is the children's tree which Alex and Noah decorated. I hope I'll have them decorated when you visit!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. how fun!!! these trees are all awesome and creative!
    the food look delicious as well!

  4. I used to go to this every year! I'm glad you had fun! And isn't their brunch the best!?

  5. I look like I have a slight baby bump...guess it was all that food I ate!


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