Facebook Update

Today I am going to share some of my favorite Facebook status updates.

First, Finley and Cate (Emily's daughter who is five weeks older then Fin) met Santa today. Clearly, they loved him.

Finley is normally oh so happy! Like this. (This is honestly 100% what my sister looked like as a toddler. It is so weird. In a good way.)

In other news, Iris ran into someone "famous" at Utica Square. Can I get any guesses?

Hint #1 - She referred to him as "Mr. Drummond." (For the record, Iris' grandfather was his doctor, so I guess the formality was warranted. He now also knows that her son's middle name is his first name - Ladd. :) I think she will soon get us an invite to the ranch.
Hint #2 - You might recognize him better from this angle.

In non-Facebook related news, I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers for my PawPaw. I really appreciate it.
Now, off to wrapping. Sigh. My least favorite Christmas chore...it ranks right up there with putting up all of the decorations.
Oh and if you still haven't figured out who Iris saw today, click here.


  1. adorable santa pics! I love that people are taking pics with mm now! haha! they live in my hometown and go to our church there! Does your friend's gpa live in Pawhuska too?

  2. Pretty sure that's a Bruce G. Weber bag that Ladd's holding - guess we know P-Dub's getting something swanky for Christmas. =)

  3. These pictures are seriously so hilarious!! I have a teeny feeling that in a few years they will totally be on a creepy Santa-Fearing website where the kiddos are posed with scary Santa's and we all wonder why they have nightmares for a fortnight.

    And so exciting that Iris got a pic with a super famous heiney! And might I ask if she got his autograph or his buttograph? :)

    (PS, thanks for your message tonight. I was knee-high in keeping Alex from impaling himself on {insert object here}. You are a doll and I lourve you dearly! Hope you have a super Christmas!!)


  4. Those Santa pictures are TOO funny!!!!

  5. Wow, this post is all sorts of fun!!

    OMG- those Santa pics are too adorable!! Those poor babies. What mean mommies they have!

    I cannot believe Iris asked Marlboro Man for a picture! And of his butt, no less!! ;)

  6. Ha! Love this post, and that he is a celebrity. I would have been way too shy to ask for a photo, haha!

  7. Hi Marie! Iris' grandfather has passed away, but he was from Pawhuska. I think you need to get us an invite to the ranch :). Love your pictures! You are so talented.

  8. poor little girls!! They were so sad:( THe pictures crack me up though:) Makes for great memories!!

  9. My mom told me to stop stocking them. She is also shocked I did make him show me what was in the bag! :)
    Allison... McCords pictures with santa looks exactly them same! Diane had poppy dress up like santa and his response was much different. If uncle tommy wants to use the santa suit its available :)


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