Santa Picks

Santa was very good to Tommy and I this year. We had a great Christmas and were very blessed to spend it with all of our family. It was so fun to see the nieces and nephews open their gifts. Max was especially fun! He is so talkative and was very grateful for all of his presents. (Which were a ton!)

One of the very coolest gifts we got was from my sister. She had a print (and tiny print) commissioned (ha - sounds soooo very important) of our babies!!!

The artist, Geoffrey Benzing, did an awesome job capturing our two angels. (I use that term loosely.) See them below.

Carter - he is our miniature Pudge.

And Pudge is our big boy weighing in at 95 pounds.
Thank you, Allison & Kyle. We absolutely love our gift. It means so much to us. I will let you guys see it when I get it framed.

This year Tommy actually bought me clothes. We have been together over 7 years and I swear this is the first attempt he made. He did a great job. However, the pictures I took of myself in them was pretty much an epic fail and they do not exist online anymore. He got me this purple top and I love this necklace from my mom.

And he got me this white top. While it looks like I am wearing a v-neck t-shirt in this picture, I am actually wearing a silk top with ruffles.
Mama also got a brand new bag! I love it! (Tommy, quit reading.) I actually threw away my old bag, which was falling apart and probably two and a half years old. My mom also got me a new wallet and the infamous iPhone gloves, which are pretty much awesome.
We also scored a new Keurig. We love, love, love it! Who knew making coffee could be so easy? I am especially in love with the reservoir and that making coffee now takes zero effort. I will do whatever I can to save five minutes.
My inlaws got us our fireplace screen. It is a perfect fit and I think it looks great up against our fireplace.

Tommy also got me the CUTEST swarovski bride and groom cows. I collect the miniature collection (go figure) and these are so adorable.

We are very blessed and so thankful for all of the love we receive!

I would love to know what Santa brought you guys this year! I love hearing about people's favorite things. Do tell!


  1. I love that fireplace screen!! Do you knownwhere your inlaws got it??

  2. I'm loving the print of your pups! I SO want one of those!! AND you got iphone gloves, YEA! I hinted around, but it didn't work! Most places were sold out! Where did your mom get yours? Looks like you had a fab Christmas!!

  3. You and Tommy are so cute! I got the exact same gloves, same color and everything. Love them! I can't wait to see the dog painting framed.

  4. LOVE the dog print!!! My husband got me a painting of our yellow lab as one of my wedding gifts - she was, after all, our first child! :)

    And we LOVE our Keurig coffee maker! Now I don't know what I did without it!

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz (from Phoebe)

    I told Andy about the painting - he so wants one of Tavia - ha!


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