If you waited until the last minute like me to think about Christmas cards, I have a solution for you. I love, love, love these newsletter cards from Plaid. Go to Merry Newsinator to create your own...and be sure to send me one! I've only done about 8. You can see the link in my twitter feed (or click here) for another one that I created. (Kelsey, not sure if you can see it, but you totally have a shout out on this card.)

I have also been starring some fun blog posts in google reader the past few days. Here are my Top 3 that you must visit:

1- Sarah at Life {Sweet} Life posts about how to make your blogger blog cell phone compatible. For all of you reading this on your phone, you should be pleasantly surprised.

2- You will LOVE these cute New Year's Printables showcased at Stem. They are free download, but ask that a donation be made to Operation Give Thanks so that they can continue their mission of providing baby showers to military families. Now I just need to find myself a New Year's party to be invited to. Iris? I think you should have one! : )

3- If you are like me and need all the gift wrapping inspiration you can get, check out Tip Junkie for some great ideas.
Lastly, in not so fun and festive news...my aunt emailed us tonight and my sweet PawPaw is not doing so well. If you guys could keep him in your prayers, I would really appreciate it.

Isn't he the cutest? This was taken last year on his 95th birthday!


  1. awe...your papa is so cute! What a hilarious card...luv it!

  2. OMG...he's so precious! I will be saying a prayer.

  3. Kate, I am not going to sugar coat this....but I have seen many-a-Paw Paw...and well, he is sweeter than a box of nuggety goodness. So, yeah, you can count on my good thoughts/wishes as much as my sadness over the season finale of 16 and Pregnant tonight.

    And LOVE the newsletter! Super witty and hi-larious!

    Hope Pudge and Carter are being the sweet boys In know they are!


  4. Wow, that looks like an awesome card! Off to go and create my own now! :)

  5. I love the cupcake liner flowers! I'm praying for your PawPaw.

  6. Those gifts are so cute. I need some inspiration, that's for sure! Hope your PawPaw is doing better! Prayers for him:)

  7. I'll be praying for you, your PawPaw and your family! It's so hard!

  8. Praying for sweet Paw Paw & your family.


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