All About Me (as though you were really interested) Christmas Edition

I came across this free printable on less cake {more frosting}, which happens to be from my FAVORITE Christmas movie. (Tommy still cannot believe I cried the first time I saw it. Because it is not sad - at all. Oh, answer on my favorite movie below!)

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? HOT CHOCOLATE!! Egg nog = digusting. It is like drinking Egg Beaters. Eek!

2. Does Santa wrap the presents or just set them under the tree? Definitely wrapped.

3. Colored or white lights on the tree/house? White. I think they look so sophisticated.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? No. I blame this on the dogs. I think it is poisonous. (This is really just me being too lazy to go find another thing to put up around the house.)

5. When do you put up your decorations? Always after Thanksgiving. This year I put them up the Friday after. One day I will take pictures for you guys.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? I love jello pretzel salad and sweet potato casserole.

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child? We had great Christmases when we were kids. My mom (and dad...but I think my mom gets most of the credit here) always made it very special. Every Christmas morning she would take FOREVER to get ready, put in her contacts, brush her teeth, etc. to build the suspense.

All of my presents are still memorable: my first phone (a Swatch one, of course, where your friend could pick up the base and listen) and phone line in my room, my bike, my barbie car and ice cream shop (these were not all the same Christmas...I am pretty sure I was over Barbie by the time I got my phone). Christmas was so magical as a kid.

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I think I just asked. I honestly do not remember.

My sister’s story is so much cuter, though. (She hates this story and is soooo going to kill me.) I remember her asking my dad if there was such a thing as Santa. My dad told her that there was a St. Nicholas and a whole story surrounding that. Basically, he wanted to let her down easy.

Later I was talking to my sister, who was very bummed, that I found out about Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny when I was in 2nd grade. Allison was crushed and looked at me and said, “You mean there is no Easter Bunny?” Later, she went up to my mom and asked, “there is a Jesus, right?” My mother then told her of course there was. And then realized her question wasn’t so ridiculous. She had taken her to church for all of her life...along with seeing Santa and the Easter Bunny.

All that said, there will definitely be Santa in my house. I loved it!

9. Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve? We may open one on Christmas Eve. Some years yes, some no.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree? My mom (and Aunt Angie) collect Hallmark ornaments. I have a ton of hand me downs and I feel like my tree has a lot of personality. Tommy and I also try to buy an ornament on every trip we take and it is so fun to put them up on the tree and remember our vacations. I also have a whole stash of Starbucks ornaments. I will share later.

11. Snow! Love or Dread it? I like it.

12. Can you ice skate? It has been decades. But I am sure it is like riding a bike. ; )

13. What tops your tree? A star.

18. Which do you prefer giving or receiving? Love, love, love giving gifts.

19. What is your favorite Christmas song? Baby, It’s Cold Outside and, I hate to admit this, but I kind of love Michael Buble’s Grown Up Christmas Wish.

20. Candy Canes? Blech, but I do like peppermint flavored things like cocoa, ice cream, etc.

21 – Favorite Christmas Movie – Elf!

Do share your favorites!

Today I am going to the Festival of the Trees with Megan and Addie. I will hopefully have pics to post soon!


  1. I love Elf!!
    And I'm so jealous that you guys are going to the festival of trees!!!! Have fun!

  2. I played along. :)

  3. I always enjoy reading all about you!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. I'm sorry it took me so long to comment....I was busy in the land of swirly, twirly gumdrops.

    Oddly enough, the very first time I saw that movie, was after we went to the Oprah show (and got shafted). So it is a great movie in my book. Plus, there are tights. I love tights.


  5. Love the Santa story! I kind of did the same thing, but I thought Santa was Jesus. My parents broke the news early! Santa is definitely a part of our home...Ava just doesn't want him in the house!

    I also agree about the egg nog...ugh! So gross!

    ps - Fun fun fun meeting the other night! : )

  6. That is too funny about Allison but she is not alone - I asked my mom the exact same thing about Jesus after I found out Santa, The Easter Bunny and The Toothfairy were not real :)

  7. omg u are not alone! actually as embarrassing as it is.... i cry every time i watch elf... which is a lot! so u are not alone! and love love love this post! im going to have to do my answers too!! Christmas time is the best! and guess who i get to meet on Tuesday?!? Finley, im babysitting her Tuesday afternoon, so excited!

  8. What a cute printable! I love Elf. My Little Sister and I watched it the other night. She had never seen it before and I was happy to show it to her.

  9. I love this printable - cute find! I'm a little bummed, I just picked up my holiday printables tonight and now I wish I had used this one instead. Oh well I can always use another one...and there's always next year. Ha!


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