Olivia's First Birthday Party

The day after Christmas we hosted Olivia's first birthday party at our house. We went with an Olivia theme. How fitting, right? I especially love that Tori just kind of let me do whatever I wanted. I promise I wasn't too much of a stage mom with the party planning.

Here are some of the details:

I especially thought these coffee stirrers with the Olivia image were super cute.

I put this in the wreath outside.

A party wouldn't be complete without a banner.

And the birthday girl herself! I think she was a fan of the cake!
And the presents! One lucky baby.


  1. So cute!! Your house is perfect for a party too! Love the signs, love the stirrers and LOVE how cute the birthday girl is!! Looks like it was a success!

  2. I love Olivia...what an adorable party idea! I had no idea they made plates with Olivia either! Super cute! Looks like a fun bday...great job on the planning!!

  3. Cute! Such an original idea for the theme, of course it helps that her name is Olivia:) I love that book too.

  4. You did such a great job! Sometimes I forget how great red, black and white look together. I love it all!

  5. Such cute decorations! And the cupcakes are absolutely adorable - I love it!

  6. Everything turned out great! Olivia is such a cutie!

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