Pictures, a question and an apology

Addie posted Finley's pics online today, and y'all they are so cute! (Addie, I know I illegally stole these off your site, but I know you will forgive me. You did an awesome job!!!)
Allison was out of town and left me with the all important job of making sure Finley's bow was perfect. She must of had flashbacks of our dad trying to fix our hair when my mom went out of town when we were kids - which was an EPIC FAIL. (It had bumps!!!)

My sister-in-law also had pics taken of the boys this weekend. Are they not seriously adorable? (Photos by Brenda Horan.) Drew is almost 8 months old! Hard to believe!

They are a very attractive family!

Right now I am reading (well, listening to) a really good book, Columbine, recommended by the Hollywood Housewife. (Read the full review here.) It is disturbing, but absolutely fascinating. It takes everything that you believed to be true about Columbine and gives the full facts. I have always been intrigued with figuring out whether what I read or hear is true and this book kind of reinforces that just because something is reported in the news, it is most certainly not fact. (Seriously, read her interpretation because I won't do it justice.)

But that leads me to...I need a new book! I usually read genres like the Shopaholic series, Emily Giffin, Jen Lancaster, Twilight (what took me so long to get on this bandwagon?), basically light books or businessy ones. But I am open to new genres. I have heard great things about The Help, and it is on order from the library. So let me know your favorites and what I must read.
Now for my apology....ugh, I hate it when I make a ridiculous spelling/grammatical error and the way I spelled "potatoes" in the picture on the last post is haunting me. So, I apologize. I am not an English teacher and never will be, but I am a darn good speller!


  1. Those ARE super cute pictures!!! I can't wait to have children for the sole purpose of photographing them... hehe!!

    I had to go back and check your spelling of potatoes on the last post, and it made me chuckle. You're too cute!! ;)

  2. The Hunger Games - it's a trilogy of books and they are addicting and must be really popular because I was 600 something on the wait list at the library until my mom graciously let me borrow her Kindle. If I try to explain them I will fail miserably. Great Read! The Help is really good too, you'll enjoy that.

  3. The pictures of the children are adorable . . . I especially love the first one of Finley!! Guess what - I didn't even notice how you spelled potatoes!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. omg Finley is so adorable! and she is even more adorable (if thats possible) in person! she was sooo good today! i just love her! if you need another book, i just finished The Glass Castle for the 2nd time.... so good and a quick read! i've been wanting to read Columbine... i just may have to now!

  5. You must read The Help. It is worth buying, instead of waiting at the library. (If there is a long wait list.) I recently read Sarah's Key--great book! Did you read the book club book, The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes?

    I'm hoping to start The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series over Christmas. I have heard such good things.

  6. Yes, definitely The Help. It was the best book I've read in a long time! You can borrow my hard copy if you don't want to wait on the library!

    UM, hello, gorgeous children!! I love the pics! And oh my word, Drew is huge!!! Too cute!

  7. Hi! First, the pictures are adorable! We just got M's pics done with Brenda Horan. She is FABULOUS! Second, Columbine is fantastic. I think it gets a bit slow at the end, but otherwise, how absolutely paralyzing, right? I am reading Portia DeRossi's book, Unbearable Lightness, right now. It is crazy. And over Thanksgiving, I read (over my MIL's shoulder) Decision Points - the George W. Bush book - and it was great! This may not be what you are looking for, but they are both good!

  8. You HAVE TO read the Hunger Games! I've only read the first but I couldn't put it down! I'm currently forcing myself to listen to AND read HP 7 before we see the movie. (Not that I really mind...but I eat sleep DREAM Harry) Anyway, Hunger Games are awesome. I liked the Help but after all the help I kind of felt let down. Mennonite in a Little Black Dress is super cute, and a quick, funny read. (I'm 6 months behind on all the current reads!)

    You have the cutest niece and newphews!!

  9. Such cute kids!!! I suggest the Hunger Games as well! I haven't read them yet but they are next on my list!

  10. What great photos and what a pretty and perfect little bow:)

  11. Thank you so much Aunt KK for helping Fin look perfect for her photoshoot. You are the best aunt EVER! Love the new pics of Max and Drew! Sooo cute. I loved the help! I heard great things about the girl with the Dragon Tat... also I read the secret life of ceecee wilks... really good! Love you!

  12. Those pics are super adorable!! I'm soo behind on my books, I'm sure they are old news now! lol! I'm reading Old Yeller to my 3rd graders though. haha!


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