A Christmas Treat Project Even I Could Do

I love these Christmas mice treats featured on Clean Mama (via Midwest Living). Totally doable...at least I think. (Who am I kidding? I will never get to these!)

In other news, Megan and I went to meet Tiny Dancer tonight (who is absolutely adorable and tiny, but I will let Aja share all of the details, including the baby's sweet name, with all of you), we had dinner with Tommy and AB at the new Asahi and then exchanged gifts. Mine to her = total fail. (She had just bought the gift I got her - a new card table set - which I promise is not the worst gift ever...she has borrowed my set numerous times. I am not going to say this is an epic fail, since she clearly wanted one.) But her gift to me was the best!! I got an adorable cupcake ornament AND the Zumba Wii game!!! Soooo excited!

And Megan didn't forget the dogs...though they are currently on my naughty list for eating my berry garland off my tree today. So they have both only been given the naughty balls out of the pack below.

I have now ordered Megan a new gift from Crate & Barrel, which is also something I got for our wedding that she loves. Hopefully Megan will get this before her Christmas party that she is hosting next week...which features a champagne bar. Yes, please!


  1. OGM! I couldn't even get through the post b/c I was so excited about Tiny Dancer!!!! How fun!

    Ok, now I will go back and read the rest of the post.....mmmm....chocolate mice....


  2. I think I am going to have to get Charlie and Jock those ornaments as well. Except, Charlie's will just be a tree with any of Alex's toys hanging on it (that haven't been chewed up yet) and Jock's will be whatever bread product I have left on my counter. That guy still loves to counter surf with the best of 'em. No lie, last week he ate an entire loaf of bread....from COSTCO! Have you seen those? They are, like, the size of a newborn!


    Oh, and when I read about the mice, I may or may not, have said "meeee tooooo" in my best "Babe Pig In The City" voice. But I would lean towards may.


  3. Those mice are so cute!! I might have to make them.... I MUST make them!

  4. I have made those mice before. They are really fun. I love the platter.

  5. Hey Katie, It was so nice meeting last night :) I'm glad Megan invited me, all of you girls are really sweet and fun. Hopefully we will get to do it again one of these days in the next few months.


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