It's in the Details

I went to lunch with my friend Lou Ann today and I had to share her clever packaging with you guys. I love a cute presentation (though I am totally guilty of not always wrapping my gifts cleverly). She took a simple bottle of wine and made it really special with a custom label her boyfriend made. (Also, she used my favorite type of wine - Riesling!)
In addition, she attached a little ornament! I love how a simple gift that we all give and get at the holidays was custom and unique.

And because I cannot leave you hanging like that, I did a little search and found this really cute (and free) printable label from Better Homes and Gardens for you guys to use on last minute holiday bottles of wine! So you can feel as special as Lou Ann made me feel!

Let me know if you have any other last minute gift ideas!


  1. how cute and fun! love this idea! :)

  2. How cute! I love the homemade labels...and Riesling! haha!

  3. So, I just now saw this - how could I have missed it!!! I hope you enjoyed the wine and had a wonderful holiday! Let's have lunch again soon!


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