Short & Very Boring Post

Since I had my weekly "Bachelor" party this will be tonight's post. Um, for those of you who read the Reality Steve post last week, you will see that his "predictions" came true. The only reason I am glad I wasted my time on this show this season is that I got some good girl time in. Otherwise---total waste.

Other thoughts -- I passed by Ann Taylor Loft in Utica today and saw all of the Spring stuff out. I need to motivate myself to go shopping. But, for some reason I am totally not feeling it.

Also, went to Petty's tonight. I love gourmet grocery stores and food and they have so much cool stuff. I have not been in there in forever. But, it was so expensive I almost fell over...really, I am not going to pay $9.99 for spaghetti sauce. Especially the same brand that I can buy at Target!

Okay, rant over for the night. Tomorrow I will come back with a better attitude and some fun stuff! ; ) XOXO


  1. Sorry The Bachelor was a BUST. I too, am looking forward to Celebrity Apprentice.


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