So, I have had some great entrepreneurial ideas lately. But, again, they are so great they are already invented. Damn, I need to be faster! My latest and greatest idea was an online baby website where at the end of the year you can just print the book and you are good to go. I googled this and, yeah, pretty much done. Now, I could perhaps do it cuter, but I think that would make me just financially secure, not so much I-can-buy-a- 2nd-house-in-Florida-and-work-here-and-there-rich. But, I am not discouraged.

I do, however, want to open an online store of adorable baby stuff all in one place with one-orice shipping. Since all of my friends are having babies I have so many cute things I want to buy them but I have to go to about 8 websites to get it, increasing my shipping costs. Or, they just don't get the cute gift ; ). Here are some of the things I would love to sell in the imaginary store that I am sure I will never open:

I love these Bella Tunno pacifier clips. They are so trendy and cute and not too baby. Love them.

I have read about that Miracle Blanket that supposedly is seriously a miracle and your baby will sleep through the night like at 2-days old or something. Now that is great, but I would want a cute one, like this one below.

My cousin, Jennifer, told me about Inch Bug. She said it was her favorite gift to give when she knows the baby's name and I have to say this idea is brilliant. I have already gotten it for two friends and I absolutely love it! I just wish I would have invented it. Basically, instead of putting a sticker, tape or writing the baby's name on a bottle or sippy cup, you just slip on of these dish-washer safe "tags" on the item. Hello - it is only the same material as those LiveStrong bracelets. Brilliant. Ugh, why didn't I think of this????
I love how someone thought to extend the idea of "graphic tees" to pacifiers. These are super cute. You can get them at Target or Lots to Say Baby:

And honestly, there are no cuter socks than the ones byTrumpette. Visit their site. They are as expensive as adult socks, if not more, but really they are so clever you cannot resist them!!!

PS - I promise I am not pregnant nor do I have baby fever. This is more just an extension of my love of miniatures. You all will be the first to know when my online shop opens : )


  1. We have so much if the same taste it's scary! I'm always thinking that when I read your blogs! We have several bells tuno paci clips and I think I have the trumpette socks in every style and color for boys and girls! I love giving the trumpettes as gifts-a box of 6 pairs for about $25=perfect gift! I love the bottle tag idea too. Genius!

  2. It's amanda pettit by the way! I really need a google id!

  3. pure cuteness katie, very good taste!!! The Lolly Garden in Utica Square carries all of those brands except for one!


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