It's in the Details

Yesterday I went to Oklahoma City for my college roommate's baby shower. She is seriously one of the most hilarious people I know and I have been begging her to blog for as long as I have known what a blog is. But, alas, I must just report back on her. She has done one guest blog for me and I know it was a "fan favorite." (Since I have so many fans.)

Anyway, the shower was at the cutest house and no detail was left undone. But, not in a stuffy, uncomfortable way. It was in the most thoughtful and perfect way! Janie also considers herself "mother" to her two boys, Jock and Charlie. So, you would not believe how many puppy related gifts she got! My favorite gift was from her cousin (and the hostess) it was a dump truck full of books, doggy onesies/gear and chocolate and black lab stuffed dogs! What baby doesn't need a stuffed animal of their "brothers!?!"

I gave Janie a basket full of fun. I LOVE making gift baskets. Unfortunately, when giving gifts I am usually just giving one item (a super-expensive, so important, all I can buy is one item), so showers are perfect for giving them!

I found these pacifiiers at Target and because Janie has stock in Franzia, the 2nd paci just seemed too perfect for baby. (It says Whine Connossieur.)
I gave some of these pacifier holders to my sister-in-law and they are so cute! Very trendy.

And, because I love lambs, baby had to have a lamb rattle.

Janie registered for this and I thought it was too cute. What baby doesn't need a themed washcloth? I know, they all do.

Here is the completed basket. I had some other stuff from her registry and fun finds - but
these were the highlights.

At the shower, the hostess had the cutest cupcakes from Green Goodies by Tiffany in OKC. Totally check out the site. Her logo is absolutely adorable. Unfortunately you cannot "borrow" pics from her site but you can get the idea when you go! According to Lexie, she will be opening a store near Nichols Hills for you OKC readers.

And, the icing on the (cup)cake was the adorable favor given to all of the guests from Crumbs. They were little chocolate (Charlie) or black (Jock) sugar cookies to take home. I took home a Jock. He looks very similar to my boys. Honestly, could this be any cuter??

Congratulations, Janie! I cannot wait to meet baby boy t!


  1. where did you find all the cute stuff that janie registered for?? where did she register.. soo stinking cute:) Yeah for babies;)

  2. The cupcakes and cookies were to die for! Agreed, that it's in the details :) I loved the pacifiers you got her...too cute! Such a great time! I am going to have to copy Lexie's truck and goodies idea---it was precious!



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