New Designs

Because my sister-in-law, Tori and I have a competition for Max's affection, I have created a new t-shirt which I will be wearing to Max's 1st birthday party, as Tori cannot make it. Bwahhaaa! Also, I don't think she reads this, so I think the pictures will be priceless. My cousin, Jennifer, loved the t-shirt designs that Janie came up - the "I slapped Weeza Boudreaux" ones. She offered her recommendation for another classic quote from the movie, when Shelby is talking about her wedding colors being blush and bashful. Then she goes on to say that "Pink is my signature color." How cute is that for a little toddler t-shirt?
Also, I have been working on some baby onesies for my many friends having babies (those of you having boys, pretend you are not reading this). I am customizing mine a little more but these are now available for anyone who might want to get their future sports star a little treat!

I have added all of these designs to my Cafe Press store. Hmmm...what can I make next?


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