New York, New York

In honor of the Celebrity Apprentice tonight, I wanted to talk about NYC. I have been fortunate to visit several times and that will lead me to my "showcase" at the end of this post. But, I wanted to discuss some NYC items with you.

First, have I ever told you the story about when I was planning my wedding and I was trying to find a videographer? (For those of you who have seen my wedding video, you will understand this was not a high priority for me...more on that story later.) Anyway, I have never been so insulted as I was by a vendor. (*Quick back story---I got married in Santa Rosa Beach, FL so I had to talk to all of my vendors by phone or email.*) I called this guy that I found with very fancy, schmancy videos on his website for a quote. I could tell he was trying to find out what my wedding budget was to determine how much he was going to charge me. Obviously, he had no clue who he was talking to. ; )

After going round and round about what I wanted, he said to me, and I am not lying, "imagine you are in Trump Tower. Well, never mind, you are from Oklahoma you probably have no idea what Trump Tower is. Imagine you are in the tallest building in Tulsa."

Interject my thoughts here:

1 - You are from freaking Destin, FL. I don't even think there is a high-rise in the town that isn't a hotel!!!

2- Seriously, seriously???? I mean come on. The freaking Apprentice is on TV.

3- I have been to Trump Tower. As a matter of fact, more than once!!!

4- Also, I think I may have laughed out loud too. This guy is trying to get my money, right??

So, back to imagining myself in the tallest building in Tulsa, he says "some brides have budgets in the basement and some have penthouse budgets. Where would you be in the tower?" My response - 2nd floor. Not only was I appalled by the whole conversation -- and truthfully, I am VERY reasonable -- but, he also called back to ask if I planned on using him!!! Really?? No. Also, I think he caught me on a bad day because I recapped the conversation for him and why I was offended.

Okay. Had to get that off my chest.

My first trip to NYC was in college. I took a class and one of the highlights of my trip was to the Museum of Modern Art. I absolutely loved it. I have always loved visiting museums but had never seen such an untraditional collection of art all together. I mean, there was a Peeps (you know, the yellow duck shaped marshmallows) sculpture. Fab!

But, since I cannot bring the museum to you, I will bring one better -- the gift shop! Here are some fabulous finds online:

I absolutely love this cup. It is a ceramic cup that looks like a paper one. I really want this.

This idea is just brilliant. It is a cutting board that folds up so that you can just drop it into a pan. Perfect.

Isn't this funny? It is a sponge that looks like bread. Ha!

Have I talked to you about my wierd salt and pepper shaker obsession? Especially odd, considering I don't ever use pepper and very rarely use salt. I swear we have had the same stuff since we got married 2.5 years ago.
And, for the kids are these plush petit fores not precious? I loved playing shopping when I was little. These would have been so fun!

Be sure to check out the MOMA on your next trip to NYC!


  1. you are like meme and her salt and pepper shaker collection! Remember how many there were at Paw Paw's! You should collect them too. They are sweet! Love you.

  2. This makes me think of our trip to NYC, so fun! I would love to go back!


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