Pita Bread

Tonight, while eating dinner, I realized I am a huge fan of Pita Bread. I honestly have no idea where to get pita bread other than a restaurant. Anyone? I am talking the warm, fresh, fluffy kind.

I wanted to highlight my three favorite pita foods in Tulsa, in no particular order:

1- McNellie's Artichoke Dip - I absolutely love it. The dip with the parmesan topping = heaven. Tommy goes here most Friday's for Happy Hour and I will have him bring me dip home to eat as my full dinner. It's that good.

2- Ella's Hummus - Ella's is located at 11th and Harvard, right across from TU. Tommy and I went here last week and had their hummus and it was the best I have ever had. I am not 100% huge on hummus, to be honest, but this was a life-changer. I asked the owner and she said if you give her notice she can make enough for a party. Honestly, this would be the best to bring to any get together. So good.

3- Leons' Mat Hoffman - I went to Leon's for dinner tonight and that is what got me thinking about my love of pita. Here is the description of the sandwich from their menu:
Roasted chicken served open faced on pita bread with pan fried goat cheese, mixed greens and ancho sauce.
I take the goat cheese and put it on the pita and wrap the chicken in it and the ancho chili sauce is just perfectly spicey. Delish. If you have not been there take the boy's. Lots of tv's but still female-friendly. I would say the atmosphere is similar to the Brook but the food is better.

Enough food talk for tonight! Enjoy!


  1. I can't say I've had a lot of pita bread, so I'm not sure really how good this kinda is, but we recently bought some pitas at walmart in the bakery section. We thought they were pretty good. They are whole wheat I believe. We got them at the Neighborhood Market at 21st & Yale.


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