The Bachelor

Because The Bachelor just keeps getting better and better, I thought I would share some Bachelor love with you guys.

First, if you haven't, you must read Chris Harrison's blog that he publishes weekly. I love being "in the know" of all the behind the scenes info.

Second, I am sure you all love Lincee's recaps of each show. You really don't even have to watch the show to enjoy them. My favorite quote this week was: "She’s so…Wearing a plaid flannel shirt from high school?

Jason hops out of the chopper. I kid you not reader…he is wearing an almost identical shirt as Jill. Straight up from page 32 of the 1997 Eddie Bauer catalogue.

The flannel twins race across the moor and embrace each other as if they were two long-lost lumberjacks finding love for the first time. "

And, Julie sent me this link to a blogger I have never read before. But, supposedly tomorrow he will have the spoiler of the century.

From what I have been reading it sounds like Jason may have met his "future wife" before. Hmmm...I am putting my bet on Mel!


  1. Dying to see what Reality Steve has to say! I have to wait until 12:30 before I can watch it since I have students all morning...I want to watch it now!

    Thanks for the new link :)

    --Emily B


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