Twitter & a fun find

Since I am now finally "getting" twitter, I realized that I can subscribe to see people's updates and they can see mine -- off of this blog. For the longest time I thought that if I "followed" someone on twitter I would get an email with all of their updates. Just so you know, you don't. That would be so annoying.

Since I have had this revelation I have upped the number of people I am following, including my favorite person - Donny Deustch! (I have totally tried to contact him -- I don't think he shares my enthusiasm.) I also now follow the Today Show, the Celebrity Apprentice, the Pioneer Woman and Martha Stewart, which leads me to my fun find.

I will say, Martha Stewart is a loyal Twitterer. She has posted about the tragic fire in which her new puppy died, discussed her blog posts and even updated us on her comings and goings.

One of her updates included a link to a site where she has introduced her own line of evites. I had never heard of the site - - and decided to check it out. The site is very much social network friendly and also a fun diversion from the site that we are used to.


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