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It is always fun to know someone for awhile and then find out that they also moonlight in another profession. Megan introduced Tommy and I to Ben and Addie a few months ago and today Ben sent me a video he created in his side business doing wedding videography.

Here is Ben's latest wedding video and it is great!

I will have to post my wedding video sometime. It is the opposite of great. Have I mentioned she only had one eye? My mom told me that was fine...she only needed one to look out the camera. Oh well, you get what you pay for ; )

You can check out more of Ben's work at Bliss Weddings Tulsa. And, he and his beautiful bride Addie are the couple on the home page on the left!


  1. Katie, that was awesome!! Your friend Ben is very talented!! I wish I had that kind of wedding video for sure. Greg and I still haven't even seen our video. Apparently the audio and visual don't match up and our guy is trying to fix it. I just want to see it now, I don't care if it is matched up or not. Love your blog!! Have a great day!
    Katie Ernzen

  2. Your videographer was definitely memorable! I just remember doing that silly cheer for her, your poor wedding video :-)


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