Monthly Faves?

Since obviously my weekly faves are no longer happening, maybe I will move to monthly favorites.

Here is one thing I am loving today – next weekend’s forecast. Anyone want to place bets on it going up 10 degrees?

Okay, so weekly/monthly faves.

While this one doesn’t have a photo to go with it, my friend Stephanie posted a great tip on how to get the most out of your DSLR camera without worrying about it breaking.

I heart naptime posted a really, really cute shower idea this week – make baby a headband. Granted, mine would probably look like a craft project, but thought this would be a cute and fun activity for those who are not game lovers!

My friend Sarah of Life {Sweet} Life posted a link to these super cute FREE address labels from Daffodil Design. I love the colors!

I love “puppy chow” and I love rice krispie treats (though, I love puppy chow more), so look at this marriage from Cookies & Cups – puppy chow krispie treats. Um, yum.

As a former Flower Girl, I fell in love with this flower market birthday party featured on The Party Dress. I can totally see this as a future party for Emmy!

The Hostess with the Mostess featured this campfire cake on her blog and it honestly looks like something I could do. (Well, as long as I outsourced the fire cookie.)

I thought this idea was really clever – a place to buy/sell party supplies after the event is over.

A few of you have asked about Tommy’s uncle. He is still missing and there haven’t been any reports or sightings lately. Thanks for all of your prayers. I will continue to keep you posted.


  1. Hi, Katie,
    I love the forecast for next week-end since I plan to be in Tulsa then!! I can't wait to see you!! The two party themes are adorable, and I like the clever idea of resale of party goods. Some of you young people spend so much time and effort on your beautifully planned parties that it would be nice to recycle!
    Love you,
    Aunt Angie

  2. I love that baby headband idea! So cute!!

  3. Ohmygosh I am so excited for this week's weather! Today, I may have worn a long-sleeved shirt.. It was sheer, but still. It was GLORIOUS!

  4. OMG - the puppy chow crispie treats look AMAZING! I will definitely have to try those out!
    Love that headband idea! Wish I would have seen that before my showers! :)


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