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I haven’t done a flower post in awhile and since I have a few new readers, I thought I would share some of my favorite flowers that my flower partner and I created when we owned our own floral design company, Flower Girls.

The funny thing is that looking back on these reminds me so much of looking back at pictures of yourself when you were in college and say to yourself, “Self, you were so cute and skinny. Why didn’t you see that at the time?” That is kind of how I feel about my flower arrangements. I LOVED doing them, but grossly undervalued (monetarily) them because I thought I didn’t have enough experience, talent, etc. I have to say, though, they were pretty darn fabulous. Too bad I didn’t see that at the time.

So these are some of my favorites from my four years of flower work. 

This arrangement was the one I did for both my friend Julie and my sister-in-law. I LOVED it. I loved the colors, the textures, everything about it.

I wish I had the picture of the inspiration bouquet because my flower partner did this arrangement and it is the exact same bouquet that the bride sent us, only more beautiful.

If I had to name a Top 3 favorite bouquet, the one below would be in it for sure. I did this for a sorority sister’s wedding and it became the inspiration for the color scheme for my wedding. Isn’t it amazing??? (It seriously stood on its own like that.)

This is my sister’s bouquet that I did for her wedding. I have to say this might be my favorite. I loved working with peonies. And crazy enough, I found these peonies at Albertson’s for $1 per flower. Typically, they are wholesale for about $4 a flower.  I must have bought 40 between this and the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

When a bride came to us and told her that her wedding colors were yellow and green, I wasn’t so sure. But once we got this arrangement together, I knew it was perfect. It was huge and the perfect backdrop for her ceremony.  I think you guys would crack up to know I think we only charged her like $150 for this, which is easily a $300 arrangement.

I actually still have the container:

This was another color scheme I wasn’t so sure about on paper – hot pink, red, deep red and orange. But I loved the way it turned out. This cake would have been so “meh” without the flowers.

I have this photo framed in my house. It was the inspiration for the arch at my own wedding. This wedding was at a mansion here and had a Tuscan feel. Isn’t it just amazingly beautiful??

I actually loved everything about this wedding. I used this idea at my own wedding as well. For only about $1.25 (in our costs – I think we only charged about $3.75 – I told you we were cheap), I thought this made a huge impact.

Moral of the story: if you own your own business, charge more for your work! You are way more talented than you think.

I am now inspired to do some arranging!


  1. Wowza!!! Absolutely stunning. You are so talented! It's funny you write about pricing stuff appropriately - I'm wrestling with that big time right now. Great post!

  2. wow! those are beautiful. I love the arrangement. and that cake looks so elegant.


  3. All of those arrangements are fabulous, Katie!! I love it when you reminisce about your floral designs!! You are so very talented!!! Love, Aunt Angie
    P.S. I have to tell Uncle Ron the same thing about pricing his art work!! I always tell him that he's worth more than what he charges!!

  4. Peonies for $1!!! That is insane. You did such beautiful work!

  5. Wow! A's flowers were amazing! I used to go to the Albertsons on pine to get peonies!!

  6. I am shocked the pumpkin arrangements we made a few years back didn't make the cut. Shocked.

    Not really. :)


  7. Wow Katie, you are SO talented! Your arrangements are stunning! Why did you stop? What do you do now?

  8. Stunning!! I wish you could give me lessons!

  9. My wedding flowers were amazing as well!!! At the time the price was just right ;) for me at least.

  10. I did not know that you used to do this!! The arrangements are gorgeous!! Why did you stop?

  11. your flowers arrangement is a wonderful.i am inspired your work you are so talented please keep it up.
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