Bumpdate 32 Weeks


How Far Along: 32 Weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 15 pounds. As you can see, baby is a-growin!

Gender: It’s a girl!

Movement: She loves it when I eat! (Imagine that?) Ha! One foot likes to hang out under my right rib.

Sleep: Sleep is the same. I am up at least once a night and am stiff when I wake up.

Maternity Clothes: I am slowly taking normal clothes out of my rotation. Today I wore another dress that I will definitely not be able to wear again until after she gets here.

Symptoms: My workouts are now the equivalent to sweatin’ with the oldies. In Zumba it is a pretty modified workout and my time on the elliptical is SLOOOOOOW. However, moving a little has to be better than nothing at all and I feel a lot better once I motivate myself to actually go. It is the getting there that is like pulling teeth.

Aversions: Fried food, alcohol, the smell of coffee, however, I have had a strange craving for it since it has been “cooler.” (Read – the 90s.)

Cravings: Still ice cream and fruit, especially watermelon. I had a hankering for sushi, but had chicken fried rice instead. Because that is basically the same.

Best Moment this week: I had several best moments this week – as always, hearing the baby’s heart beat, a reprieve in the weather and we made some progress in the room. We got our glider in, bought a lamp and my father-in-law and Tommy hung the curtain rod. My mom and are trying to dye the curtains to the exact shade of turquoise…so far notsomuch. But once that happens it will definitely be included in a “best moment” category!


  1. Emmy has definitely had a growth spurt!! There is no way you can wear regular clothes now, but you look great. Your mom has to get the "best mom" award; she is very sweet to do so much for you and Emmy.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. You look too, too cute!!! It's going to border on inappropriate when I see you this weekend! You have been warned and I promise to attempt some social graces and not go overboard. "Attempt" being the key word.

    As for working out? Man, besides how pregnant you are, how hot it is outside, anything is a huge accomplishment! At the end, carrying up a laundry basket from my room to the laundry room (a slight one flight of stairs, mind you) left me sounding, well, inappropriate. Although, my belly with Bennett did serve as a sort of 'shelf' when I carried Alex around. Carried Alex or stereotypically ate a cupcake off of.


  3. you look great!! it's getting close :)

  4. Girl, you are looking SO wonderful!!!! Adorable! :)

  5. You look so cute Katie!! I want to see you in person! Let's have lunch soon?

  6. Finally a bump and a tight tank :)...you're so cute!

  7. You look so great! Looks like Emmy just went through quite the growth spurt!

  8. You look adorable. I am so excited for you and excited to see the nursery.

  9. You're looking for beautiful!!!!


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