Bumpdate 33 Weeks


How Far Along: 33 Weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 15 pounds as of my last appointment. We will see this week….

Gender: It’s a girl!

Movement: About the same – hiccups, loves to move at night and after I eat, and she has her feet up under my ribs at the end of the day!

Sleep: I slept seven straight hours Saturday night and it was glorious. For the first time I was so tired at the end of the day that I HAD to nap when I got home. We had a super busy weekend, so I don’t know if it was that or what.

Maternity Clothes: Still regular dresses (a size larger in most), maternity pants and a mix of regular and maternity tops. I wore a tank top today that felt like it was a smidge too short.

Symptoms: The infamous “pregnancy brain.” I had something else that wasn’t really a symptom that I was going to post but can’t remember…hence the pregnancy brain.

Aversions: Seafood. Odd since I normally love it. Also, I had Chuy’s Mexican a few weeks ago and it was delicious, but I got so swollen from the chips that the thought of eating Mexican at a restaurant grosses me out.

Cravings: Sweets. Sigh….

Best Moment this week: All the love from my friends and family at my wonderful baby shower this week! It was so, so fun!

Also, my sister came over and helped me organize her drawers and closet. I now feel so much better!

And I have to leave you with this really cute picture of my sweet nieces. I got them all matching dresses and look at how adorable they all are! Getting a photo of four babies – no easy task! :)

shower and bumpdate 009

It was so fun to have my sister-in-law in town from Nebraska and for her to be able to celebrate with us at the baby shower, too! Definitely a highlight of the week!


  1. Aw! Love the matching dresses...and all GIRLS! Emmy's going to have lots of fun clothes and girly things from the moment she's born from her family! And you are still looking so stinkin cute, girl! 1. You look great in glasses and 2. Your belly is ADORABLE!

  2. New follower here. You are 3 weeks ahead of me! Jealous as you know every week counts ;) really enjoy your blog started mine over the weekend.

  3. You look so great!! I seriously feel like I am getting larger by the minute! The matching dresses are adorable! Did you get one for Emmy too? = )

  4. You look adorable!! For some reason you look more pregnant on the blog than in person!! I'm so glad I got to see you in person last week-end! I loved the precious baby shower and visiting with you and Tommy. The nursery is adorable, and I can't wait to see it after Emmy gets here. Your mom and all of you have done an incredible job in the nursery, and I'm sure Allison did a great job of organizing!! What a sweet family!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  5. P.S. I forgot to say how adorable the girls look in their matching outfits! You are the best aunt.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  6. You look so cute! And you are so tiny! Oh my goodness, pregnancy brain is real! ;) I am still claiming it ;-) The girls look so cute in their matching dresses, that was so sweet of you!

  7. Katie! You look ADORABLE!!!!

    I STILL have pregnancy brain :) I think it may be here to stay!

    Those outfits are so cute!


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