Bumpdate 31 weeks


How Far Along: 31 weeks. How is it possible that I am in the single digits in weeks??

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Will see this week. I am sure it is growing by the day. 

Gender: It’s a girl!

Movement: Hiccups still. I can tell she has her head on my lower left side based on that!

Sleep: Sleep is the same. I am super, super stiff when I get up to go to the restroom in the middle of the night. I can only imagine what getting older will be like!

Maternity Clothes: Normal dresses, some normal shirts, one pair of maternity shorts (get used to seeing those a lot!), and I now have four pairs of maternity pants/capris. Have yet to wear the pants, but plan to this week.

Symptoms: Not so much a symptom, but I mentioned in a previous post that my belly button is slowly disappearing. Not sure if it will become an outie or not.

Aversions: Fried food, alcohol, the smell of coffee grosses me out.

Cravings: Ice cream! It was soooo hot this past week that ice cream totally hit the spot. Also, really anything sweet. I see it, I want it. I also saw something with sushi the other day and was craving it, but didn’t indulge – mainly because I was too lazy to leave my house. Ha!

Best Moment this week: Oh my gosh. The room is totally coming together! I just love it so far! It is now painted, the focal wall is done, the dresser is painted and in the room and we have a crib. We still have a ways to go and lots of little details, but I love it so far.

I wasn’t going to share it until was all done, but my mom worked so hard on this focal wall and it looks amazing. So here is a sneak peek. I absolutely LOVE it.

bumpdate 31 weeks 006

This room has really been a family affair. My mom and mother-in-law painted, my brother-in-law put together the dresser, my mom painted it AND the focal wall, and Tommy (and I) put together the crib! So thanks to all of you guys for all of your help. I love you and am so appreciative.


  1. You look adorable, and the focal wall is unbelievably gorgeous!! You have had a lot of good help, and your mom did a fabulous job. We all knew that the nursery would be great!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. awwww! your bump is so adorable! you look great! Love the nursery peak! I'm excited to see it all done

  3. AAAHHHH!! Adorable! I can't wait to see her room too! I just know it's going to look amazing!


  4. Lookin' good, mama and LOVE that focal wall! Is it just a semi gloss in the same color as the wall? I'm wanting to do something similar in our new house (if we ever sell ours and get to move haha).

  5. I love your bump!! The focal wall is beautiful and will really grow with her.

  6. You are looking adorable, and I can't believe you are already at 31 weeks. Where has the time gone? Can't wait to see the finished room. The wall looks incredible. So fun that the whole family is pitching in to help. I love it!


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