You are My Sunshine Shower

Today I was lucky enough to have an amazing shower thrown by my sweet friend Iris and my sister-in-law (who unfortunately was under the weather, but was there in spirit, which led to my wonderful mother-in-law and Iris’s mother-in-law stepping in as excellent hostesses)!

The shower was so, so cute! And so funny since it was raining, the theme of You are my Sunshine when Skies are Gray was very fitting.

The printables were just adorable and greeted you at the front door!

sunshine shower 002

Not sure if you can tell (it is probably my great picture taking skillz), but the yellow items on the table are super cute sunshine cookies for favors! Love!

sunshine shower 001

The cookie bouquet that says “Emmy, you are my sunshine.” So cute!

sunshine shower 003sunshine shower 004

One of my favorite parts – The Katie’s Cravings Table. I overindulged. And have continued to overindulge. You know I love sweets!

sunshine shower 005

The table had cookie cake, lemon squares, puppy chow, s’mores dip (amazing, y’all!), key lime pie and watermelon balls! It was just fabulous and everything was delicious.

I wasn’t diligent in my picture taking, obvs, because I happened to miss the rest of the brunch, which was delicious and included hash brown casserole, an egg casserole and fruit and donut skewers.

My stand-in hostesses and Iris! :) They did an amazing job!

sunshine shower 019

Iris and I live just around the corner from each other and one of the funniest things happened at the shower. She is good friends with her neighbor who also happened to be hosting a baby shower at the same time. We joked about people getting confused.

Well, someone came in that I didn’t recognize, but Tommy’s mom had invited some of her friends (99% of whom I know…), so a woman walked in and immediately recognized one of the guests. I went up and said hi to her and she said she was one of Kristen’s teachers. Well, Kristen is the name of my sister-in-law who was hosting the shower and my mother-in-law is a teacher, so it wasn’t that weird to me.

She asked who I was, so I told her Tommy’s wife. Completely blank stare.

Yeah, she was at the wrong shower. Bless her heart. Ha!

sunshine shower 021

Megan insisted I show the baby bump!

sunshine shower 010

My sister and I. She looked so cute! :)

sunshine shower 014

Megan and my mom. Today we had a laugh at how Megan looks more like my mom than Allison and I do!

sunshine shower 017

Emmy is very loved and got so many wonderful things! We are so grateful for our friends and family who have showered her with so much love!


  1. What a wonderful shower!! I continue to be impressed by all the creativity and love being showered upon you and Emmy!! The picture of you and Allison is just so sweet - I love it!! Your mom looks great, and she and Megan really do look alike!! Your hostesses were so sweet to cater to all your cravings; I can tell that they read your blog. That is a funny story about the lady being at the wrong party - that also happened to us with a shower we were giving. There were so many hostesses, and when the "stranger" walked in, we all thought that someone else had invited her!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. You look so gorgeous! Happy baby shower!! :)

  3. How fun- it all looks so adorable! I love the "You are My Sunshine" theme! And that poor lady.. how hilarious that she came into the wrong shower! Ha!

  4. I just loved getting to host it for you! It couldn't have happened on a more perfect day! Raining as people arrived then sun was shining when people left. I did have a few umbrellas left on the front porch! If you're missing one I probably have it.
    ~ iris

  5. I am absolutely in love with that chevron wreath!! All the details were so cute....and the "craving station"?? DIE! I think I might just need one of those at my house. On a Tuesday. Cause it's Tuesday. I'm going to start planning this.

    And the lady that was in the wrong shower?? Classic! I can totally relate like when I sat through an entire German 1-0-whatever class because I was too embarrassed to leave after the instructor introduced himself.

    You all look like you had a great time!!

  6. What a fun theme. You look beautiful. I love the dress.

  7. CUTE shower! LOVE that pic of you and your sis! And that bump... OMG! You are too cute! :-)

  8. Aww, it all looks so cute and sweet! I love the cravings table! You look beautiful!


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