A culinary experience

So a few weeks ago on the Tulsa Food Blog I read a post about Platt College’s Foundation’s Restaurant. The chef and experience sounded fantastic and the price was even better – $23 for a five course meal. (I opted for the smaller – 3 course meal for $17 only because I knew I couldn’t possibly eat that much food.)

We went with our friends Megan and Andy and it was delicious and so fun! It is definitely an “experience” meal where you are there for the evening (about 2 hours), but it was well worth it. The food came quickly and I didn’t feel like there was any downtime where we were waiting. I think it just takes a while to eat 5 courses.

The meal started with an amuse-bouche (thank goodness for Google suggestions). It was a seared ahi tuna over a tomato and asparagus bruschetta. I didn’t have any due to the basically raw meat, but even our non-sushi eater loved it.

iphone pics 82612 095

Tommy and Megan got the foie gras (on the left) and Andy got the homemade sausages. Tommy also got the scallops, which you can kind of see behind the foie gras. It was delicious – buttery and perfectly cooked.

iphone pics 82612 096iphone pics 82612 097

The next course was salad. Mine was a grilled vegetable salad and Tommy got some other salad (official term) with lamb meat on it.

iphone pics 82612 098iphone pics 82612 099

Between courses we were served The.Most.Amazing palate cleansing sorbet of vanilla, raspberry and champagne. Yum! This was seriously awesome.

iphone pics 82612 100

We each had a different entrée:

I had squid filled with a shrimp and scallop mousse and couscous. It was delicious.

iphone pics 82612 101

The meal on the left is Andy’s Beef…I cannot for the life of me remember (I don’t eat red meat), Megan had Pork Tenderloin and Tommy had Ahi Tuna. All had rave reviews.

iphone pics 82612 102iphone pics 82612 103iphone pics 82612 104

We also ordered the three desserts on the menu. The left is triple vanilla crème brulee, a tartine with homemade peach ice cream (this was my favorite) and a chocolate foie gras with homemade caramel sauce.

iphone pics 82612 105iphone pics 82612 106iphone pics 82612 107

It really was a fun evening and it appears the menu changes often, so I will definitely want to go back when they have a new one!


  1. What a culinary experience, and you are quite the food critic. I'm impressed!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Ohmygosh Eric and I were JUST talking about going there! He saw the same food blog entry! So fun!

  3. wow, all that food = i just died and went to heaven, haha! ;) everything looks great and wow, so affordable! :D

    <3, Mimi
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