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Shock of all shocks – I am posting for like the 4th time this week. I had high motivations to go to the gym tonight, but when I got home and was sweating in my house because my A/C cannot keep up with the 115 degree weather, I decided to just call it a workout. You know, because I did break a sweat. So I have some spare time on my hands that I didn’t plan on.

Oh, I remembered the “symptom” that I forgot to tell you guys about the other day on my bumpdate post – brace yourselves, it’s a good one. I am losing my belly button. It reminds me of the tip of a tied balloon. (How’s that for a visual?)

This week I also got a notice that I was 100 MB away from using up all of my data on plan for this month. How is that even possible??? For the past two days I have turned my data off on my phone and only been using wifi. Out of principal, I refuse to pay AT&T another dime.

So instead I decided to pay $54 and buy one of these:

That would be a wireless repeater. Who knew such a thing existed? I am hoping it will extend my wireless signal from my office to my bedroom. We’ll see.

I have read a lot of posts on the Olympics lately. I will watch the Olympics, but I definitely don’t have the fever. Little known fact about me – I actually attended (not, competed in, obvs) the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Very neat to have done that and glad I could check it off my bucket list. We saw USA Basketball, gymnastics (not USA) and Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

Also, has anyone seen that Olympic commercial where they have Olympians who are all “I haven’t had a dessert in two years. I haven’t had watched tv in six months.”? I cannot help but think to myself that I cannot imagine a worse fate – no tv or dessert? Are these people in prison? Actually, you can probably get both in prison. They must be in hell.

So I was going to go pick up a rotisserie chicken to make dinner tonight, but I have decided I cannot possibly leave my house. Instead I am improvising with things I have on hand. I am going to try my hand at these baked buffalo chicken taquitos from the Taste and Tell blog. Since fighting heat with heat makes total sense. However, I have been craving buffalo chicken (I know, so random), so it fits.

Speaking of food, I finally ate sushi and survived. (Don’t worry it was fully cooked and I talked to my doctor about it.) I went with another pregnant friend and figured if she could jump off the proverbial cliff, I could too. We both made it.

And that wraps up my random world. And a glimpse inside my stream of consciousness.


  1. This post totally cracks me up, and you are on the ball with the blog this week. I need some of your motivation. I have three drafts...none published. Ugh!

    How does your wi-fi not reach all of your house? Do they even build houses that big in OK? I hope the repeater works. I love that you gave your 50 bucks to Best Buy or Amazon or whatever...just not AT&T.

    I've totally been craving buffalo chicken. You have to try the buffalo chicken pasta salad we had last week. Delish hot or cold, and Lord knows we need some cool food right now.

    I cheated and ate sushi last week. It was not cooked, and I did not ask my doctor. Bad, bad, mommy. Guess I'm a little more adventurous the second time around.

  2. I also indulged in the sushi while pregs, but did do the cooked aswell!

    Mmm buffalo chicken anything is delicious!

  3. Oh, Lawd (my southern plantation of 'Lord'), being pregnant this time around I almost started doing shots of raw egg just to get my energy up from the added protein. Seriously. I think about all the things we "can't" do while pregnant and then remember that my mom smoked Vantage Lights and had mote Pabst Blue Ribbon beers than most college freshman. And, hey, I am deeeee-lightful!

    As for your AC problem (the problem that it is 115 outside and you are 7 months pregnant), just prepare Tommy for a huge bill. I swear, Luke slept in sweats my last couple months of knocked-up-edness. I think my the time I had both kids the thermostat was set at 66 at night. Don't worry, when you get homer form the hospital after having that sweet baby, you will be freezing again. After all, there is a reason they call it a "bun in the OVEN"!!

    Oh, and over the 4th Luke and I were listening to the 90's station on the radio and there was a promo with the 90210 music and I SO thought of you, Emily & I!! Oh, the good old days!!


  4. Holy typo I should NOT comment and feed the baby.

    Please excuse any jugdeyness of error's you will find. Yikes.

    PS: You do not want to get me started on the Olympics. The Opening Ceremonies? Yeah, I got all mad like the time we went to see The Oprah. I mean, WHO thinks KIDS JUMPING ON BEDS is better than 10,000 Chinese guys banging on drums?? How can a grassy English countryside be as entertaining as the guy running around the top of the Bird's Nest to light the Olympic Flame?? OK....OK...I'm spiraling. I'm going to take a deep breath and recollect myself. Aunt Angie, if you're here, I'm sorry you had to read this.


  5. First of all, I must comment to Jane - Of course, I'm here, and I'm always delighted to read your comments. I hope someday we will get to meet . . .I know I would love you in person as much as I enjoy your writing!!

    Katie, I love all your random thoughts!! I am so sorry for all of you with the insufferable heat!! It's worse than in Shreveport so I feel for you!!

    Love, Aunt Angie

  6. DUDE. You said it about TV and dessert. I cannot imagine a worse life.

    And RANDOM for me too, but I have been craving buffalo chicken. I keep asking David if we can go to Chili's for dinner. It is a bit of a trek (all the way to 51st..ugh) for us, but SO well worth it.

    Finally, with baby #1, I never lost my belly button. Super intact. With this one...I am only four months in and the dang thing wants to pop out like I'm D.O.N.E. Not liking it one bit!

    You're hilarious!

  7. No tv and no desserts? No thanks. They can keep their silly medals.

  8. The Japanese eat sushi all the time when they are pregnant - go for it!


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