Emmy’s Babushka Baby Shower

Yesterday Emmy was thrown an amazing baby shower by my sweet friends. I didn’t put it together until we were taking pictures, but the hostesses were also my four bridesmaids in my wedding!

I was just in awe! They put so much work into it and it was just an amazing day. Emmy (and mommy) are very loved! I had friends and family in from as far away as Chicago, Houston and Louisiana! It was so fun to be able to celebrate with everyone.

Addie was so sweet and captured the day in some beautiful pictures. I am so grateful for her coming and her talent! I am lucky to have some very amazing friends!

So here are some of Addie’s beautiful pics. I did a print screen from my computer, so I apologize for the big white border around these. Addie’s photos are even more amazing in person!

The hostesses (and me in the middle)!Shower1

Every detail was beyond amazing!


Isn’t this “flower pot” cute? Those are little wash cloths for her! Ha! My coworker made the flowers on this and the next photo. They can also be worn in Emmy’s hair. (I wonder if she will have any…)



Instead of a game, they had a typewriter where the guest could type a note to Emmy.



This was beyond awesome – the girls had my mom and Tommy’s mom send pictures of us when we were kids to them. Mindy put together this table runner of our baby photos. I will have to take a close up for you guys, because it is amazing. I have it on my kitchen table now.


The food!


And the girls really catered to my cravings : )




We received so many wonderful things for the baby and even some of the gifts reflected the theme!


I could not have asked for a more perfect day! It was a beautiful shower and Emmy and I felt the love from all of our friends and family that attended. We love you guys!


  1. What a fun idea. I love the theme. It looks like you have great friends.

  2. I love all of the personalized Emmy items. So cute.

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  3. Awww...everything looks so special and perfect. Emmy certainly received some adorable things. So excited for you! :)

  4. How fun that the hostesses were your bridesmaids! It was such a sweet shower. Emmy will be set! Oh! And my favorite gift was from Joyce- all those cute shoes!

  5. I LOVE this! The table runner is oh so thoughtful and fabulous! :)

  6. I loved being able to share in the wonderful shower for you and Emmy. You do have amazing and creative friends who were attentive to every detail and included all the things you love!! I was very happy to meet some of your blogging friends because I already felt very close to them from reading their sweet and clever comments. It was a wonderful day to be with you, your sweet family, and your wonderful friends. I love you very much! Love, Aunt Angie

  7. So cute and so creative! They did a great job!

  8. SO SO sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! Love! Xoxo.

  9. What a sweet shower! I love the theme! = )

  10. The hostesses did such a good job! It was a fun shower with delicious food. I'm snacking on the puppy chow this morning. :)

  11. Adorable theme! What a precious shower! Love reading your blog.

  12. What an adorable shower! I love party planning. My 2nd daughter turns 1 next week & I am in full party planning mode! www.thechirpingmoms.com

  13. It was so great to see you and spoil sweet baby girl!! I am so glad we got to really chat; it's always like picking up just where we left off. The shower was wonderful and every detail was just perfect!!

    And now I am going to go off in the corner and hyperventilate that my gift made the "shower post" pics. Seriously, I feel like I should be making a speech for the Oscars.

  14. This shower was adorable. Congratulations!

  15. Oh my word, LOVE this shower!! Best theme ever and SO perfect for you and sweet Emmy. You are getting so close and look absolutely ADORABLE! So excited to meet her! :)


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