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Um, if you are reading this from outside of Tulsa, please tell me it as hot there as it is here (111).  It is like I need someone else to feel my pain.  The funny thing is I cannot wait for the day it is 95 outside. I know it will feel like a cool front. 

This week I came across a few cute things, so let’s get started. 

I love me a cake pop.  I actually have had several lately, but have not taken pictures because they were inhaled so fast. I may have a problem.  Now, can you believe that this is a cake pop???  They were featured on Maddycakes Muse and were made for a vintage sewing party.  Pure Joy Events, the host of the party, has posted a full tutorial on her blog so that you can make them too. 

This week my friend Anne at A.Party Style posted photos of her Christmas in July wish list. One of her “must haves” are these Pantone markers.  I died!  How cool are these???  Now, I have no clue what I would ever do with them, but….they are every designers dream!

She also posted these address stamps from Paperwink.  They are all really cute. And I am in the market for a new address stamp…

I really like this one:

You guys know I love FailBlog and this Autocomplete Fail cracked me up. But also had me wondering…what is the answer?

When I did my Pioneer Woman Book Giveaway, my question to win was what was your favorite blog.  Several of you mentioned 6th Street Design School.  It is a really great blog and I love her aesthetic.  This week she posted these cute rugs from Pottery Barn Teen.  First, when did teens get so stylish and two, I want one. I am loving the turquoise. 

So that’s it for this week!  Check back tomorrow for a look into my personal life. (Oooh the mystery!)


  1. I feel your pain. Lots of pain going on here in Houston. But what's super awesome is knowing we only have five more months of this. Except it's less 'awesome' and more 'what did I do to deserve this'?

    At least there are 15 hours of Project Runway re-runs on at any given time to get me through the rough patches.

    Stay cool up there.

  2. we're averaging around 100, so a little cooler :)

    i cannot make a cake pop to save my life!

    i love that rug too! happy that we have teenagers taste. :)

  3. All of those finds are great . . . but I can't wait to see what's going on in your "personal life!"
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. Loving the purple rug.
    It is way too hot. So hot that my long earrings burn the side of my neck just from walking from the office to the car.
    Come enter my Monday Give-Away.

  5. Dude. It.is.so.hot. I promised I wouldnt complain, but here I am... complaining.. haha.. more like whining. I do lots of whining about it. :) Actually, I'm really just hoping my a/c keeps working. I see other people's ac units breaking all over the neighborhood and I'm like "not mine! Not mine! PLEEEEASE!" :)

    Those cake pops are kiiiinda amazing. Wow! And I am checking out that 6th Street Design School blog in 5..4..3... Also, wanted to share a couple fun ones I found recently!

    Budget Fashionista: http://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/

    And Elements of Style http://www.elementsofstyleblog.com/

    I feel like I'm prolly behind the 8 ball in finding them sooo you prolly already know about at least one of them, but I dig em. :)

    Oh.. and I guess I could email, but are you going to OkieSmart this week?


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