Look inside my makeup drawer

I thought while we were being nosey we could go ahead and look through my makeup and getting ready routine.  (I have obviously hit an all time low on things to blog about.) However, I am always interested in what other people use and love, so maybe this will be of interest to someone.

I have to say, though, my getting ready process doesn’t have anything nearly as interesting as my purse.

So for my bedtime and morning routine, I love my Mary Kay soap and moisturizer. My mother-in-law sells it and I feel like it does a good job of keeping me from breaking out.  Also, I have written about the 3D White toothpaste before, but I will repeat. This stuff is amazing. 

iphone pics 080411 002

My shower routine – very plain.  I will tell you, I used to use Biolage and I loved it. That smell. Mmm.  Anyway, I switched over to shampoos you can get at the drug store because do I really need to pay $24 to wash my hair?  (Don’t answer that.)  However, Pantene seems to rock my locks. I usually switch it up, but I keep coming back.

iphone pics 080411 008

This is my makeup container. 

iphone pics 080411 007

But this is all I use – concealer, mascara, blush and eye makeup.

iphone pics 080411 003

Megan gave me this eye makeup for Christmas a year and a half ago and I love it. I use the dark color as my liner and the others for shadow.

iphone pics 080411 004

Here is the final product this morning.

iphone pics 080411 009

I told you the whitening toothpaste works. (Ha!!! I am cracking myself up over here!)

Let me know your beauty faves!!!


  1. My fav beauty product (BY FAR) would have to be my glasses. If I get up and am feeling yucky, I just take off my glasses and POOF!! Problem solved. (Of course I can't see anything else either, but what's the worst that could happen?? I mean, would Luke really notice if I didn't make the bed exactly the same way? Um, no.)

    And, the secret lies her.....if I am feeling really beautiful??? I just put my contacts IN! Clearly I am a genius!

    And yes, I am wearing them today because Project Runway is on later and I want to look my best!! :)

    You look adorable KT!

  2. Finished product = beautiful :) You are very brave to show your actual make up organizer, of course yours is very clean. Mine is disgusting! It started out clear like yours, but it looks a little more opaque these days. Eeek!

  3. You're always beautiful and cute!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. This IS interesting! Loved seeing what's in your makeup stash. Maybe I'll get inspired to do a "C" is for Cosmetics post.

  5. Just did a big catch up on your blog - fun reads! I have the exact same makeup container and lots of bobbi brown too. Some of the makeup has been in there forever. Today I realized I had makeup in there from before our wedding. That might be gross :-).

    See you Thurs.



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