Tuesday Reviews

So I am still pretty excited about my Birchbox!  I thought I would first review the mascara that was included. 

First, I love the name – blinc. Very clever. 


The mascara is really unusual.  It puts “tubes” around your lashes to prevent caking, smudging, running and flaking.

However, once on it just looks like normal mascara. 

To remove it you just wash your face like normal with warm water and then rub your eyes softly and the “tubes” come off.  They describe the product as tubes. I didn’t see any in my sink or anything.  It just looked like normal mascara when it came off.


1- Much, much better than waterproof mascara. It isn’t impossible to get off and it isn’t heavy at all.

2- Goes on smoothly and made each individual lash stand out. 

3- Dried quickly and didn’t smudge all day.  Also, I typically wake up with raccoon eyes because I can NEVER get all of my mascara off during at night.  This came off really easily and left no residue over night.


1- Didn’t feel like my lashes looked as thick.

2- A little pricey if you were to purchase it.

Bottom Line: I would definitely recommend if you are in need of a good waterproof mascara.


  1. Very interesting. Where do you buy it?

  2. Hi! I'm new to the blogging world and just stumbled across your blog last night. I'm so excited/intrigued by the whole Birchbox situation. Can't wait to give it a try!

  3. I get Birchbox too and got this in my box! If you use a cotton ball to remove the mascara you can actually seen the tubes!

  4. Remember "C" is for Cosmetics? I SO need a new mascara. Must purchase.


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