Speaking of Knock-Off Decor

I am obsessed with this drapery makeover from Home Stories from A2Z.

She loved these curtains from Ballard (which I am kind of feeling, too), but the price tag is $468 a window. Seriously.  Do people spend that much on drapes????

But here is where I am so impressed and wish someone would do this for me.

She took these $30 curtains from Ikea:

And turned them into this: 

I want.

Do I have any friends who want to do this for me?  Aja?? Mom??? :)

Go see the full tutorial here.


  1. Those look amazing!!! To be an even bigger jerk, for plain, white curtains, take a full or double sheet, fold it in half and use that as your panel. You can use iron-on glue as adhesive as you need it for the tab-tops (I did this with my living room curtains-dare I say "sew" easy? Get it?)

    I wish I could help you with this, but:

    1) being in Houston makes it difficult for any paint to dry since it is always 108 degrees around here and nothing gets dried up other than my will to leave the house.

    2) I am wicked uncrafty. Really, tonight I made an "all about me" placemat for Alex's Mother's Day Out and it took me 3 hours. And I am pretty sure the blind spot I have in my vision is actually a rubber-cement-buggar that now resides on my left contact.

    Sorry I am less than helpful!! But you should SO make those. They are adorable!!!


  2. Wow you are a celebrity now being featured for your blog. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I look at your blog daily...it's my morning routine!

  3. I like her version better! I'm not sure I could attempt my own though. I'm horrible at lining things up.

  4. I'm so impressed! I am definitely not creative and definitely cannot draw a straight line! I wish I could do this kind of thing! - Alyssa

  5. I am so in. Get the stuff and I will try to do it for you. If it turns out, it would be great to do material like that for a headboard. So cool. I'm ready for another project. love, mom

  6. You are lucky to have such a sweet and talented mom!! That looks like a grat idea.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  7. YES! Let's do it! Sooo cute!
    I'm pretty sure Jones Design Company made a similar stencil for her office wall and offered the stencil download free!

  8. You're in luck!!! I'm going to Dallas this weekend and staying right by IKEA. Let me know if you need me to pick up curtains :)
    ~ Iris

  9. I'm prob the only person who would just pay the $468. I do not have the patience for the stencil work required!


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