Guess who was featured on Knock Off Décor today?  Um, me! Go check it out here!  Knock Off Décor is one of my daily reads.  She features designs that are knock-offs of much more expensive items that you can buy in stores. 

Speaking of “featured,” I thought I would feature some of my favorites for the past week.

I love lunches that are creative and I also love Angry Birds, so this lunch caught my eye.  Eighteen25 featured so many cute kid lunches like this one from Lisa Storms.

I love beverage containers. I have several and have given several as gifts.  I especially loved this one that you can fill with three different beverages.  Get it at ZGallerie.

I also loved this Cake Pop “cake” for a Hungry Caterpillar party.  It is so easy, but makes such a cute statement.  Featured on the Pottery Barn Kids website.

Look how cute these cookout invites are from PaperSource! I love them. They would be so easy to do as well…famous last words :).

I will feature more soon!


  1. Love it!! Now I can "officially" say I knew you when!!

    Really, Kate, it's overdue!! You have the best ideas. So, for the sake of a friend that you have known for, like 15 years (me), can you post some of your fav fall/thanksgiving day decor? We are hosting Thanksgiving this year and I am feeling the serious pressure to make it amazing!!



  2. That's awesome! Congrats girl!

  3. Love your blog, but you're always giving me the cutest things to check out and I get lost looking at them all when I should be doing other things. Keep it up, even though it's bad for my productivity haha

  4. Sa-weet!!! :) Nice feature!

  5. Congrats on being featured! That is exciting!

  6. Love that catepillar and those invites are adorable!!!


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