First Day of School

I think I might have forgotten how to blog. Oops.  This week has been crazy busy – girls night, movies, dinners out, Tommy taking the laptop for a fantasy football draft (ahem).  Maybe next week will be better?

One of the cutest things did happen this week.  My niece started “school” again and my sister posted these adorable pictures on Facebook and I had to share for those of you who aren’t “friends” with her.

finley school

She is very sweet.  She is also going to the same school as my nephews!  My sister-in-law showed me a picture of Max yesterday of his first day of school. Bless his heart…it wasn’t all smiles :).  Though, she did get some after school pictures where he was feeling much less anxious.

In melt your heart/adorableness news, on Friday I ran to an outdoor shopping area (Utica Square for the Tulsa readers) around lunch time.  I was walking out of a store and I heard someone call my name.  It was my brother-in-law and he was with my niece who was running around on a little grassy area.  She saw me and ran all across the lawn yelling, “KK, KK.” Seriously, adorable!


  1. Oh my.....

    Yeah, that was me losing consciousness. So here's the thing, I am going to need you to go over and pluck a smite bit of Fin's DNA so I can clone her/sell her to everyone who has problems...cause clearly, if you have 1/10th of that happiness in you , how can you be sad?? Really, talk to Allison about this. It could a lot for the world. And, maybe, even starving kids in Africa or most of the members of Congress. Really,

    And "Aunt KK?" Just kill me with cuteness now. I am lucky if I don't happen to turn around in the grocery store when someone yells "Yeah, hey, forgot your super over-night protection!" which totally means diapers, but to everyone in the one-mile-radius hearing this means that I am a bed-wetter.


  2. Thanks for a Fin post!! Sweet girl!! She sure does love her aunt KK!! How sweet was it when she talked on the phone to you the other day too! Love you!!

  3. Totally precious!!!! Thanks for brightening my day - seeing her excitement is just the best and makes me all giddy for her :)

  4. What a cutie! And doesn't it just melt your heart when little ones get so excited to see you? :)

  5. Adorable!! Are her and Cate in the same school?

  6. She is one of the cutest children...ever!

    I am hosting a weekly photography challenge on my blog -- with prompts for moms (or aunts! :) to take more creative photos. Would be honored to have Finley be a part of it all.

    Jenny Collier

  7. She is absolutely adorable! I love the backpack! So cute!

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  9. Oh my, what a difference a shutter makes. Love them. Also the vinyl stencils over foam core. Your Mom's a genius. I want to know how you hang them so perfectly straight. I just wish I lived near you so I had someone to do fun projects with. Love you and miss you, Aunt Linda

  10. OMG!!! Her smile is too cute!! What a precious girl!


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