Weekly Faves…either really early or really late

Wow, this week was busy.  Next week looks even busier.  Since when did I get a life? 

I have still been reading all of my blogs, so I do have some stuff to share. But, believe it or not, blogging actually takes some effort. Le sigh.

I laughed when I saw this today.  Wouldn’t that make life easier?  Not that I would eat a human…but, you know? :) via mind.body.soul.

Yesterday I saw a contest on Facebook for Starbucks that will start on Monday – it is a Bring the Pumpkin Spice Latte to your City First.  Tulsa, we can totally win this.  If you don’t live in Tulsa, this contest isn’t open to you. ;)

Speaking of Fall, I loved these cute pumpkins made with old timey keys featured on Maddycake’s Muse.  I mean, I could even do this project.

And while I am pining for Fall, it is, alas, still summer. I did love this summery and citrusy wedding featured on Celebrations at Home.

Speaking of weddings, I loved this really elegant and inexpensive centerpiece featured on Perpetually Engaged.

And I have no good segue here, but I am a huge fan of fruit pizzas. Like LOVE.  (I think it is the cream cheese icing.)  I actually make these a lot on a small scale with individual cookies from the package, but a large fruit pizza is so pretty.  Here is a recipe from I Heart Naptimes for those of you that actually make your own dough and don’t buy your frosting in a can. 

More soon while I have some downtime this weekend!


  1. cracking up at your cartoon...if only it were that easy! lol!

  2. I was just thinking about pumpkin spice lattes the other day! Yummy reminder that fall is right around the corner!

  3. I missed you this week!! I like the idea of the old keys on the pumpkins!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. Reading this post reminds me I need to have a party soon. Great ideas, especially the pumpkins w/keys!


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