Take a Look Inside My Bag

Don’t you always wonder what people keep inside their enormous bags? Oh, is that just me? Hmm..

I promise I don’t snoop in drawers or medicine cabinets. I actually have THE guiltiest conscience on earth (see, mom, Catholic school was not a waste), so I could never live with myself if I were to snoop. I can’t even read a postcard sent to my address on mistake. Clearly, I am highly ethical. Too bad I don’t get bonus points for this.

Okay, so the bag.

iphone 8-2 002

Just for fun I just went and weighed my bag – 7 pounds, people. No wonder I need a massage constantly. 

iphone 8-2 003

I think I may need to scale back on the glasses. You think?


As far as makeup, I don’t bring much in my bag.  I am ADDICTED to that C.O. Bigelow lip gloss and I have been wearing the same Laura Mercier lip color since probably 1999.  And that is not an exaggeration.  Does this mean I am going to be one of those people who people are like “oh, she would be cute, but she will not update her lipstick!”  I guess since they are still selling it in the store it must be okay.  Right?  Someone?iphone 8-2 005

Then there is the miscellany.  I am telling you, if you need it, I likely have it.  Right down to the rubber gloves.  (I know. I am weird. But you never know when you might have an incident where you need to have your hands completely covered.)


Okay, so what weird stuff is hiding in your bag?


  1. Paw Paw would love the fact that you carry a rosary . . . you are so sweet!! That cute purse doesn't look big enough to hold all those items, especially four pair of glasses. I don't think I've ever known anyone else who carried a rubber glove, but I must agree it's not a bad idea.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. holy moly, 7 pounds!! at least you are getting a daily workout toting your bag around ;)
    you have all kinds of fun stuff in your purse! mine would be oh so boring! esp when it comes to a rubber glove ;) ha!!

  3. ha! Love this! My handbag is SO heavy! I kinda want to do a post like this, too! And I definitely want to weigh my bag... but I'm nervous about that! The rubber glove cracks me up!

  4. i should do a post like this. not because mine is interesting though, because i have random stuff too :)

  5. I don't have anything nearly as exciting as this!!! Clearly I am a boring person with a boring ole life!! The ONLy thing I could think of that is remotely interesting is, somehow I have a bunch of wadded up money from other countries. I **may** have once tipped a valet guy 7 RMB (from China...and roughly .30 US ), but other than that, I am useless....unless you happen to need $25 Belize, than I am your lady!


  6. I just cracked up at this! Very funny-I am dying laughing about those gloves... oh sister! You are someone I hope I am with if ever in a predicament! We also need to get you a new glasses case :) Glad you carry a rosary like me too.. I feel like it has to be good luck.

  7. Katie!! Rubber gloves????? Ahhhh hahaaa!! Let's hope you never get mixed up in the wrong side of a crime scene. You would definitely be suspect for just happening to have some rubber gloves handy ;) on the up side, touching up those grays on the fly just got a little easier!

  8. I still wear the same lipstick color too and have for YEARS!! So happy Im not the only one! :)

  9. I am DYING laughing! 7lbs?! You must get a massage every week! :) I think the rubber glove is my fav!

  10. Holy smokes!! That is a very interesting collection of items! I love it!

  11. I love that you carry a rosary in your bag!

  12. Bhahah, I can't believe you have ALL of that in your purse!! I have a lot of crap, but I think you win for most useful. I mean, one rubber glove, and WD 40. MacGuyver could build another continent with that :)

  13. First the cosmetics and now the purse! I'm inspired. Stay tuned for my posts. PS. The rubber glove is HILARIOUS!


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