Weekend Update

It is funny.  As you guys can see, I always carry a camera in my bag. Do I ever actually use the camera?  Um, pretty much no.  It is so much easier to use my phone. And when it comes to taking photos I am lazy. But I thought I would share the few photos I did take this weekend. (Of course, all from my phone.)

A few weekends ago my former flower business partner called me from Sam’s and asked if she could borrow some vases for a baby shower she was throwing. (She is in the process of selling her house and hers were all in storage.) It happened that I was at home hanging out and Tommy was out of town, so I told her to come over and we could do them together. 

We had so much fun doing them again and they lasted for at least two weeks, so she sent me an email Friday asking if I wanted to do them again this weekend. Um, yes!

This time I went to Sam’s and picked out the flowers. I hadn’t been there in ages and they had so many amazing, high-end flowers! I couldn’t believe it. 

Here is what I picked up: orange asiatic lilies, yellow snapdragons, red alstromeria, white lisianthus, and purple mums.

iphone pics 8-7-11 003

One of the fun things about flowers is that both Brenna and I had the exact same flowers, but our arrangements turned out so different.  Each beautiful (if I do say so myself), just completely different.

Here is my final arrangement:

iphone pics 8-7-11 004

And here is hers:

iphone pics 8-7-11 005

We got all of the flowers for $44 and split the cost.  Not bad for $22!

This weekend we also had Vic’s heart birthday party.  We spent a ton of time getting ready and had a lot of cute details. I didn’t get any good pics (imagine that), so I will get some soon and share with you all.

This is the banner we made for the wall:

iphone pics 8-7-11 010

I made these and then cut them out with a punch and we adhered them to all of the cups.

iphone pics 8-7-11 002

Nieces and nephews:

iphone pics 8-7-11 007iphone pics 8-7-11 008iphone pics 8-7-11 012

The birthday boy arrives!

iphone pics 8-7-11 014

We had a great time, however, about 30 minutes after Vic arrived the lights went out and didn’t ever come back on.  Sigh.  Fortunately, the facility had flood lights at the emergency exit and it was still slightly light outside, but it was not the party we all had imagined.

My brother-in-law carrying the leftover cake.  Not sure if my inlaws will ever get through this. It was huge!

iphone pics 8-7-11 016

Happy heart birthday, Vic!


  1. I can't believe how gorgeous those arrangements turned out. I would have never gotten that end result. Beautiful!

  2. Love the arrangements!! So pretty!! I still have my pumpkin from years ago that I use every fall. Maybe I will use it now in hopes that the heat will get the picture and stop feeling like the gates of Hell.

    And Happy 10th Birthday!! What a wonderful thing to celebrate!!


  3. The arrangements are beautiful, of course!! Happy (Heart)Birthday to Vic, and I love the picture of Finley and the cousin hugging.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. I really want you to give me class on doing arrangements like that! Gorgeous!

  5. I buy the vases and then never the flowers. ;)

  6. The arrangements are gorgeous, it is always surprising to me how much skill it takes to put together bouquet.

  7. Those flower arrangements are beautiful - you are so talented, Katie!


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